The belief that the Spirit or the Soul of a person can be reborn to a new life, some people are able to remember
past life personalities and experiences. This is a non-Christian belief, but many Eastern cultures have always
included reincarnation in their philosophy.

Residual Haunting
This type of haunting is fairly common, and can best be described like watching a movie over and over again. You
can do anything you want and it wont even notice you are there. Some researchers believe, and theorize that
some natural resources like Lime stone, have the ability to record an event that took place sometime in the past.

Someone who can sense a paranormal presence.

In the complete word finder Spirit is described as 'The vital animating essence of a person, or animal, The
Intelligent Being without a material body'. Soul is described as 'The immaterial part of a human being, often
regarded as immortal, vital, spirit or force, being, inner self.

A soul, spirit or apparition.

The ability to transfer one persons thoughts to another, this is not considered as supernatural phenomenon, many
experiments into this area started enthusiastically around 1882 with the beginning of the Society for Psychical
Research. In 1903 Zenner cards were developed by K.E. Zenner and American psychologist, these cards are
widely used in E.S.P research with varying results.

Paranormal movement of an object from one place to another.

Veridical Dream
A dream that relates to actual events of either the past, present or future, that the dreamer is unaware of.

The masculine name for a witch, wizard or magician.

The alleged writing or speaking in a language that is unknown to the individual speaking or writing it.

Zooform Phenomena
A term used to describe entities that resemble animals, but appear to be supernatural.
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if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
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