There are records of monks and nuns rising up whilst in prayer, it has been suggested that levitation is possible
due to molecules becoming refined to the point of the body changing onto a lighter plane. Energy level increases
have been suggested to raise the level in the atoms of our bodies and make levitation possible.

Ley Lines
Alignments of ancient sites, these are considered to be earth's natural energy lines and also that spirit may use
these lines as a way of traveling quickly from one place to another. It has also been suggested that where two Ley
Lines cross there is a possible chance of a portal opening to other dimensions.

Life After Death
The BIG question since the dawn of time, we are left to draw our own conclusions from studying cases such as
reincarnation, N.D.E's and the writings of Mediums.

Malevolent spirit is a way to describe a malicious supernatural force that causes harmful acts to living beings.

Formation of an object or human figure that appears during a séance.

An individual who can communicate with spirits.

Near Death Experience, claimed to be a glimpse at life after death, the most common reports are those of a tunnel
with a bright light at the end, a place of great beauty, meeting loved ones, or visiting another dimension and
sometimes even that of hell.

Occam's Razor
The principle of preferring the simplest explanation of event, "a person should not increase beyond what is
necessary the number of entities required to explain anything".

A system of practice and belief, which assumes that there is the existence of supernatural, paranormal and
mysterious forces.

Orbs are allegedly the true spirit form and one theory is that these are seen at the beginning of a manifestation.
Orbs can be often caught in photographs.

Out Of Body Experience (O.O.B.E.)
A form of astral projection when the consciousness leaves the physical body. Many reports of this come from
people who have been involved in severe accidents or have been anaesthetized. An example of this is when a
patient undergoing an operation can see and hear the operation in progress.

Something that is unexplainable scientifically.

Activity connected with poltergeists is that of unexplainable rapping's and other noises, also movement of items
which are often thrown or smashed and in some cased fires have been known to start. This phenomenon is
generally connected to teenagers particularly teenage girls.

Poltergeist Haunting

A medium can gain psychic information by holding a personal item such as a ring or watch once belonging to a
deceased person.

Integrating metaphysics with sympathetic magic or spiritualism with healing. The term is generally used to describe
frauds that dispense useless or harmful treatments to vulnerable people on their deathbeds.

Use of certain instruments to detect radiations or emitions from a living organism, such as dowsing.
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