Electronic Voice Projection (recording of spirit voices). This Phenomena occurs when the voices of a Spirit
interrupt an Electro Magnetic Field,"E.M.F's", so inturn using audio tape i.e. from a micro cassette recorder
reveals these voices where as before they could not be heard by a human ear. It is the same way with a
dog-whistle, the dog in this case being the audio recorder. We as humans cannot pick up the sound of this
dog-whistle because the frequency is to high. The dog, on the other hand can, because its ear drum is designed
for hearing higher frequencies. The audio recorder uses magnets to record onto tape when an Electro Magnetic
field is interrupted such as when paranormal activity occurs. This inturn effects the tape i.e."E.V.P"

The expulsion of a spirit, ghost or demon that is possessing a person or place.

Fallen Host
These are said to be angels that have fallen from Gods grace, they have been mentioned in biblical scriptures to
serve as a warning of what the wrath of God can bring.

False Arrival Apparition
This is when a person hears and sometimes sees another person arrive, this can happen from half and hour to an
hour before the person actually arrives.

False Awakening
A phenomenon whereby a person believes they have woken up but they are still dreaming. For a good example of
this check out www.mysterymad.com and look for The Skully Experience and also look for related links.

An ancient form of divination which involves the scattering of soil, earth or other materials upon the ground or,
markings in earth or sand which make up a configuration that can be read by a seer.

Disembodied spirit or image of a dead person. Ghosts have the ability to move through solid objects.

Grigori (Watchers)
A collective term for fallen angels. It was said that Grigori were sent to guide and assist man during the beginning
of civilization.

Perception of an eternal object that is not present, a mental state of being mistaken or deluded.

Types of healing are Hands on, Absent, Prayer, Color, Sound. Healing is considered medicine for the soul. Healing
of any kind means laying oneself open to the Divine Source of Love either by receiving or giving. This universal
source is the very life we breathe, it is the energy that permeates every living thing. The practice of these types of
healing has been used for centuries, even the ancient Egyptians recognized the importance of sound, some of the
great pyramids are known to have amazing acoustics and it has been suggested that they may have been used for
healing through the use of incantations.

Hope Diamond
A cursed jewel supposedly torn from the brow of a temple God. The diamond has brought tragedy to those who
have owned it.

The act of one who hunts, specifically the pursuit of game.

Intelligent Haunting

The process of coming to a direct knowledge or certainty without using the rational thought process. Handy for us
ghost hunters who are not blessed with the gifts of the sensitive.

To observe or study by close examination and or systematic inquiry.

Jamais Vu
The exact opposite to Déjà vu, something which is familiar and experienced by an individual before but they believe
it is the first time they have experienced it.

A law in Hinduism maintaining that every act no matter how insignificant will eventually return to the doer, good with
good and evil with evil, if not in this life then in the next.
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