After Life
A continued life or existence believed to follow death

The person who is the focus or at the centre of paranormal activity.

Astral Plane
A place where all thoughts, memories, fantasies and dreams of everyone in the world exist. The astral plane is said
to have many levels, and is said to operate at a higher frequency than the physical plane.

Astral Projection
The process where our etheric body, spirit or mind separates from the physical body whilst maintaining a level of

Invisible to the naked eye, it is a glow surrounding the each individual and changes color and form depending on the
mental and physical well being of the individual.

Automatic writing
When a person can produce writing that is not their own writing style and can convey messages from the deceased.

Most often associated with Ireland and Scotland, the Banshee is an omen spirit that forewarns people of an
impending tragedy.

Black Dogs (Hell Hounds)
There have been countless reports over the world of these phantom 'canine' like creatures, including Norfolk's own
Black Shuck.

Describes the method in which mediums allow themselves to be used in order to manifest something which comes
from outside themselves. For example, a healer is a channel for healing energy. Another form of channeling is trance
mediumship during a trance, mediums can be aware of their surroundings and listen to instructions of a spirit guide
and converse with other people whilst passing on messages, words of wisdom or inviting questions.

Death Bed Visions
A dying person has an awareness of the presence of dead relatives or friends, these visitors are said to come and
assist the dying with the transition from life to death.

Deja Vu
Seeing or doing something completely new but having the distinct feeling that the experience had been done before.

The fading or disappearance of an object.

Demons are said to have the ability to enter your home via the Ouija board, it is claimed that in such cases a demon
will attach itself to an individual and not the home and therefore will follow where ever that person goes, similar too
but not to be confused with possession.

Demonic Haunting

Movement of an object from a secure and enclosed space.

The generation of electricity from the mind that can be used to charge watches and batteries.

Electro-Magnetic Field (E.M.F.)
A field of force associated with electric charge in motion. There is a theory that a high amount of electromagnetic
energy can cause poltergeist activity, but also a theory that these same high energy levels attract spirit and that it is
indeed spirit that cause the strange phenomena.

Ectoplasm is said to be made up of a viscous substance which comes from a mediums solar plexus, a combination
of certain chemicals used by spirit to project solid images to its audience. It is very dangerous to disturb a medium
whilst in this condition, some mediums have died from being disturbed whilst in this state.
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