We specialize in paranormal phenomenon
investigation and research, both scientific and
We use a variety of equipment to aid in our
This equipment includes but not limited to:
analog and
digital cameras as well as analog and digital

We provide full individual reports from each  
investigator on our team, complete with the
necessary documentation,
including: photos, video and/or audio tape.

We also believe psychically enabled members of
our group
known as "sensitives" can provide insight and
answers which other equipment may not be able
to pick up.
All the opinions and beliefs of MCPI are just that:
They will never be pressed upon our clients
Are you in Western New York Area and believe that you are experiencing an unusual event?
M.C.P.I. can provide confidential, and discrete research and on-site investigations to help identify and document
anomalous occurrences.
There is no fee for this service, however we do request that clients give us written permission to publish our

Please note that in order to insure privacy, our client's names and locations of property are never given in our
publicly published reports.
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations