We are a research and investigation team. We specialize in both
scientific and spiritualistic paranormal phenomenon. We research
and investigate based on our clients individual needs. Our
founding members have all had similar experiences which have
brought them together to walk this path. Between the members
we have several years of experience, whether it be through
reading, studies and actual investigations of homes and

With the influx of shows on the television about ghosts, there
seems to be more people and places experiencing "spirits". I
believe that some of the manifestations are real, and others I
think are people that get caught up in the haunt. The general
populace is made up of several types of spiritual believers and
non-believers, those that are far right and far left are set in their
ways. It can be those in the middle that sway opinion. We have
had calls that are people wanting to be haunted, they want so
badly for there to be a reason for things happening around the
house or the bad luck that follows them. They have heard or
read or seen something that relates to a haunting and so it must be spirits. Not all that die remain behind, and not all that
do remain are set on making our lives miserable.

Houses, land and even people can be haunted, spirits can attach to items and follow them from location to location.
There are good, neutral, bad and evil spirits and not all are bent on harm. It is hard to tell which category a spirit falls in. I
use the example of Hitler, I am assuming Hitler thought he was a great guy. So if you were to ask his spirit are you good
or bad, it would probably reply good. We all know that Hitler was as evil as they come, diabolically evil if you will. But
asking him that question will yield a radically different opinion. So spirit will answer what you ask not what you need to
know.  Also some people  have a habit of researching these things on their own and creating more of a mess. Ouija
boards, table tipping and séances are truly best left to those that have knowledge. Those things are doorways and if  you
want an example of how dangerous they can be I will give you one. A Ouija board is designed to open a spiritual doorway
so communication can happen. So you yourself stand in a doorway in your home. Look around you and see all the open
space in that doorway. That is space that anything can fit through. So you may ask for one spirit and get another, sneaking
around. There is also the issue of closing the door behind you, if it is not done right anything seeking entrance to our plane
is invited in.

My suggestion, find a group you can trust, a group that is not afraid to say that there is or isn't a haunting. Some groups
find ghosts everywhere they go, that is just not possible. For a group to come in and investigate and say that there is
nothing can be tough, the home owner may not want to hear that. So it takes conviction to answer either way. Do not try
this on your own, get someone who knows how to deal with all spectrum's of the haunt, from good to evil. Speak up
chances are there is help out there, but until you ask for it no one will come!!!! You are not alone, we can help!
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