The White Lady of Durand Eastman
Have we found the first evidence?

Is this the missing daughter that
the famed
White Lady
continues to search for?
The Story goes like this.

In the early 1800s, the White Lady and her daughter were supposed to
have lived on the land where the Durand Eastman Park -- part of
Irondequoit and Rochester -- now stands. One day, the daughter
disappeared. Convinced that the girl had been raped and murdered by
a local farmer, the mother searched the marshy lands day after day,
trying to discover where her child's body was buried. She took with her
two German shepherd dogs to aid in her search, but she never found
a trace of her daughter. Finally, in her grief, the mother threw herself
off a cliff into lake Ontario and died. Her dogs pined for their mistress
and shortly joined her in the grave. After death, the mother's spirit
returned to continue the search for her child. People say that on foggy
nights, the White Lady rises from the small Durand Lake which faces
Lake Ontario. She is accompanied by her dogs and together they
roam through the Durand Eastman park, still searching for her missing

The tale has been told around campfires for decades. Each time
getting twisted slightly by the teller. Today who knows for sure Rob
and I went out one rainy Sunday in July to see if her could pick up on
the White Lady of Durand. What we found was not what we
We started our investigation as just a walk around.  We soon realized the old stone
wall was not any part of a castle, as so many story teller would lead you to believe,
but a much more recent addition as a over look built by the Parks Department, to
keep folks from tumbling down the very steep incline.  Immediately Rob was drawn
away from the wall,  closer to the embankment to the east. He immediately sensed
a father and daughter there and he felt them to be late 1800's- early 1900's by their
style of dress. The daughter was gasping and choking. The sensed no wrong
doing to be causing this,  more like a medical condition.  Suddenly, Rob turned to
me and said they were gone. The feeling was just over powered by something
much stronger!  As he edged closer to the ravines drop off, He started hearing a
girl calling out to "Mother."   "I 'm  down here Mother"  As she continued to call out,
Rob got the choking feeling back in his throat.  He wanted to go down the ravine,
but I cautioned that  it was far to treacherous to repel. A few years back I had come
the this area  fishing and remembered a trail that skirted the pond below. I told Rob
to follow me. We were going down there for a closer look. We made out way down
to the roadside and found were the trail began. It was not regularly traveled and
was pretty grown over as we  headed into the thick.  After a few hundred feet, Rob
stopped and said this was the spot.  We could not get any closer to the waters
edge than about twelve to fifteen foot, but as you watch the video you will see as
Rob continues to gag as if he had be couching water from his lungs. He told me he
could taste mud in his mouth.  The girls voice, still calling out to mother, Shouted "
They pushed me down he re Mother"  
M.C.P.I Investigates......
Who is this young girl in the water, unable to drag herself to safety.

Is this indeed where she perished?

Why does this strong memory linger here?

Is this the missing daughter that the famed White Lady continues to search for?

We may never know.......
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after