Churchville, NY – November, 2016
Investigators: Mark, Nick, Lauren, Stacie, Rob
Equipment Used: Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras,

Nick and Mark started on 2nd floor
Lauren and Stacie on 1st floor

After about an hour we switched floors. Rob arrived and completed a walkthrough of the house.

Rooms investigated: basement, two bedrooms on 1st floor, upstairs apartment, attic space         

Evidence Descriptions:

Photo        None found           
Audio        5 Audio Files
Video        N/A         

Personal Experiences:

Lauren – saw a figure in the upstairs door
Stacie – felt a comforting pat on her head in the child’s bedroom downstairs
Mediums Notes:
Overall Impression
House is active, feels alive with the remodeling. No feelings that anyone is in danger or should be worried. Felt very familial.

Bedroom downstairs left.
Felt a shadow of short stature, with overwhelming personality. Felt as if this person would often putter about mumbling/talking to themselves. Was asked if it was a child,
replied no not a child just a much shorter than me adult. This person was very positive and poses no threat.

Going upstairs I distinctly heard breathing. Upon getting upstairs there was a euphoric feeling and a search for "the coins". Going so far as to ask for the coffee can of
pennies.  There were several mood changes in the rooms that made feel that I should mention
Schizophrenia. Again this felt familial and all though unnerving it posed no threat.

There was a childish feeling here, and a "hide and go seek" impression.

I sensed doors opening and closing, footsteps all over and had my mothers sisters names called to mind. I was reminded of my family victrola and felt that one used to be
present near the cow picture in the past.

Nothing more to note. As usual when I pick up on things sometimes I forget all I picked up on. Notes and recorders from other investigators Stacie/Lauren may contain
more of my impressions.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
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case 701
Churchville, NY
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