Pittsford, NY

Case File 504

March/April 2013

Investigation Team: Kat (Lead Investigator), Brian (Case Manager), Rob (Medium), Jen, Mike, Mark (Tech), and Nick (Tech)

Client Interview:

We were contacted by a client residing in Pittsford, NY who had reports of strange noises such as footsteps, doors shaking, thuds and bangs in her home as well as
voices that appeared to call the homeowners’ names. They also reported seeing shadow figures. They purchased the property 5 years prior and had performed
renovations to all areas of the home. When they first started renovations, a friend of the client reported seeing the figure of a woman. The friend then left the home and
did not return for a long time. The client’s sister also sensed it in the home on her first visit and started crying as soon as she walked in the door.  The client had had a
priest bless the home two years prior and recently attempted burning sage to clean the home of activity. They called us to investigate and help her retake her home.


The groups were Brian and Rob, Kat and Jen, Mark Nick and Mike

Rob remained outside of the home while the homeowner gave us the house tour and pointed out hotspots. The home is an old farmhouse and most activity was reported
in the upstairs hallway and bedrooms as well as the downstairs parlor. Equipment was set up so that we had video of the upstairs hallways, the master bedroom, and the
front parlor on the main floor.

The investigation began with Mark, Nick, and Mike taking the basement; Kat and Jen on the 2nd floor, and Brian and Rob on the main floor beginning in the front living
room off of the parlor. EVP sessions were taking place on all floors while cameras were recording. Groups rotated locations after 90 minutes.

The owners provided MCPI with a glass vial that was found in a cabinet when the owners first moved in. It had red thread woven around what appeared to be a wooden
dowel in the middle of a small glass bottle. It had the name of a previous owner of the home. See follow up for more information.

Medium report:

Feelings of movement in the front parlor, like people numerous people were passing through. A feeling of laughter near the front living room window (corroborated by the
owners of the home and their own personal experiences). A sense of someone looking out over the land from an upstairs hallway window (at this time unsure as to why).
A sense of looking down upon the master bedroom bed from high above the foot of the bed. (corroborated by owners personal experiences).

Personal experiences:

Nothing out of the ordinary.


Nothing from video or pictures. One EVP capture in reply to a question.

Follow up:

After much research, the glass bottle shown to the group by the homeowners was discovered to be a part of a pagan ritual to help heal or ease the suffering of a
previous owner who was very sick and bedridden within the home. The bottle was discarded properly by burial. In addition, a pagan house cleansing was performed to rid
the home of any energy or entities that may still reside within the home. At the time of this report, no negative activity has occurred at the home and the homeowners
have reported that the home now feels much more welcoming and lighter.
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case 504
Pittsford, NY
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