Brockport – March 2014

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Adam, Mike, Nick, Mark

Equipment:  2 Wireless Infrared Cameras, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, K2 Meter, Mel Meter

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the home and spoke with the client. The client reported that activity has been happening predominantly in the kitchen and living room. The activity reported
involved touches, voices, electronic interference and sounds.  Our investigation focused on 3 areas, the bedroom, kitchen and the living room/hallway area.  
We set up a wireless camera facing the kitchen and another facing the living room in the direction of the TV. We set it up this way because of the reported activity in
these two rooms. We did an EMF sweep of the house and found no high readings until one place in the living room. It spiked twice and then the Mel Meter showed high
temperature readings in the same area.

Stacie and Mike proceeded to the living room with an audio recorder, K2 meter and cameras. Nick and Mark went to the bedroom with their audio recorders and a K2
meter.  Adam watched the cameras. Teams switched later on in the night as well as Rob joining the team.


Personal Experiences:

•        Investigators heard footsteps while in the bedroom out in the hall – sounded different then the footsteps of the team
•        2 investigators both heard a metal “tink” noise in the Master bedroom
•        EMF spikes in Master Bedroom as well as the living room
•        High Temperature read in the living room near couch

Equipment Evidence:
•        Video of Orbs
•        Audio of EMF fluctuation
•        Audio of “tink” noise

Medium Impressions:
•        Felt a draw to the kitchen window
•        Felt that things have been seen in the window
•        Felt that a spirit walks back and forth across the curtains in the living room
•        Spirit walks in a choppy way – not fluid
•        Spirit is drawn to corner near TV
•        Hears door closing near kitchen
•        Whispers but can’t make out what is being said
•        Sees fire towards corner of living room window
•        Spirit is proud of the house and that is why it is there
•        Protective
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case 411
Brockport, NY
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