Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Adam, Tom, Kat

Equipment:  2 Wireless Infrared Cameras, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, K2 Meter

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the home and spoke with the client. The client reported that activity has been happening predominantly in the bedrooms and living/family room. The activity
reported involved shadows, movement, visual evidence and sounds.  Our investigation focused on 3 areas, the 2 bedrooms and the living room/family room area.  
We set up a wireless camera facing the bed and curtains area of the main bedroom and another facing the vanity area of the second bedroom. We set it up this way
because of the reported visual activity in these two rooms.
Stacie and Kat proceeded to the family with an audio recorder, K2 meter and cameras. Rob, Adam  and Tom proceeded to the bedrooms with  their audio recorders and
cameras.  Both teams switched half way through investigation.


Personal Experiences:
•        2 investigators saw the door in the family room open – could not be debunked
•        1 investigator heard a beeping noise – could not find the source
•        2 investigators heard footsteps following their footsteps as they walked up the stairs – could not be duplicated.
•        1 investigator felt a burst of air in bedroom – debunked with vent on floor
•        We solidified the curtains in the bedroom being locked in well – we did not witness them falling

Equipment Evidence:
•        No visual evidence recorded
•        No audio evidence recorded

Medium Impressions:
•        Movement of the rings on the curtains in the bedroom
•        Feeling that the fan moved on its own
•        Tall thin shadowy figure near curtains that had elongated fingers
•        Stockier and shorter figure on left side of the room that moves towards the bed with hands up
•        The shadowy figures were female
•        Feeling that they press down on the bed – with a feeling of being trapped
•        In second bedroom, feeling of eyes on him always
•        Strong draw to the doorway
•        Link to the past with the dates 10-23 or 6-23 – validated by homeowner with connection to 23
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
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case 410
Hilton, NY
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