Home in Rochester NY

this was a return Investigation to a location that the homeowner had noticed an uptick in activity

Teams: Adam(tech) and Brian
        Rob(medium) and Stacie

As noticed on the last trip to this location, the home has some unique conditions only a house built in 1850 could have.

Claims by owner: Whispers, footsteps, a shadowy figure in the parlour, as well as one in the master bedroom, and the feeling of being followed in the downstairs office.

During the investigation, a shadow figure was clearly seen by Adam, Brian, and the Homeowner all at the same exact time and location. There is an EVP captured
upstairs at the same time that records the homeowners surprise. The reason this is being acknowledged in the fashion it is, is there seems to be too many things taking
place all at the same time and there is no such thing as coincidence.

The full spectrum camera was pointed directly at the location, however no shadow appears on the film. While upstairs, Rob was making the sign of the cross on a window
while (muttering) saying a blessing, the owner was going down the stairs and had just reached the bottom at the time the cross was being completed, it was at this exact
moment that the figure appeared at the base of the stairs and seemed to go around her. Brian and Adam watched the figure do this and immediately commented from the
front parlour.

Despite the lack of visual evidence, this is an encounter we KNOW happened and at a loss as to why the cameras did not pick up the shape.

At the owners request we have scheduled a return trip …

attached are the EVP's from the night
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 409
Rochester, NY
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Case File 409 EVP's