South Ave. – October 2013

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Tracey, Jen

Equipment:  2 Wireless Infrared Cameras, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, K2 Meter

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the apartment and spoke with the client. The client reported that activity has been happening predominantly in the bedroom and living room. We were also
the second “team” to meet with the client.  The activity reported involved touches, smells and sounds.  Our investigation focused on 2 areas, the bedroom and the living
room/hallway area.  

We set up a wireless camera facing the bed and dresser area and another facing the living room. We set it up this way because of the reported visual activity in these two

Stacie and Tracey proceeded to the bedroom with an audio recorder, K2 meter and cameras. Rob and Jen stayed in the living area with their audio recorders and
cameras.  Both teams switched half way through investigation.


Personal Experiences:
•        3 investigators all had shortness of breath in the bed area
•        2 investigators both had their hair moved by an unseen force
•        A smell of cigarette smoke was present in the home for a brief time (homeowner is not a smoker but has experienced the same)

Equipment Evidence:
•        No visual evidence recorded
•        No audio evidence recorded

Medium Impressions:
•        female figure moving from the kitchen over to where the computer desk is located.
•        different layout to the building at one time with a staircase being located directly across from me just down the small hallway
•        at the foot of the bed I was made to feel that a great deal of energy was being drawn in to and from that location
•        while talking outside was made to feel as though a great medical tragedy was responsible for the female spirit presence
•        while sitting with Sally Ann was made to feel that there was also another spirit a child in the home.
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case 304
South Ave.
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