On the investigation were Adam, Tom, Stacie and Rob.

Tech: Adam

Investigators: Tom, Stacie and Rob

The claims in the building at the time of the investigation were;
     - Screams coming from the kitchen
     - A black mass seen on still photo in the kitchen
     - A little boy seen on still photo upstairs in the dining area
     - A figure dressed in black, ascending the main stairs, seen by several staff members

At the reveal several other claims were reported that were not initially given.

Teams Rob and Adam--- Stacie and Tom

Rob and Adam started downstairs, Stacie and Tom upstairs.

While investigating the downstairs dining room and bar area, the sound of something being dropped onto one of the tables was heard.This was capture on EVP.  After
going to the area the noise was heard, a candle that two members of the team confirmed was not on the centerpiece, was now on the centerpiece. While tyring to further
investigate the situation, it was noticed the there was an abnormal EMF field located directly on the same table. There were no other explanations found for this irregular
reading. The fluctuation was directly at the centerpiece, and dissapated toward the edges of the table.

In the kitchen while the investigators were asking questions to illicit a response, a distinct Whistle was heard, and captured on EVP. Though there were several attempts
to debunk this whistle, it was left to be unexplained. Several whistles were captured through out the night on EVP.

Upstairs the sounds of footsteps were heard regularly, and strange lights and shadows were seen. These however were not captured and therefore must be considered
personal experiences only, not hard evidence.

At the time of the reveal it was told that, candles often move around on the tables, and were sometiwmes pushed to the floor. It was said that this was "a daily occurence".

Also it was said that a person working the bar, alone in the building at the time, held a brief conversation with another person, yet when they looked up no one was there.
This is of note because the best piece of evidence captured was done so at the bar. While the team was searching for clues as to the strange EMF readings at the
"candle table", a voice recorder was left on the bar. A voice was captured, and all people in the building were accounted for at the time it was. It appears to be reaching
out to an "old friend"....

All in all, a very eventful night, great evidence captured and cool personal experiences.

We look forward to returning to the Daisy Flour Mill, and asking some questions to our new found "old friend"!
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case 303
Daisy Flour Mill
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Case File 303 EVP's