Private Residence: Shortsville, N.Y. – June 2013

Investigators: Stacie, Tom

Equipment:  1 Wireless Infrared Cameras, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, K2 Meter, Digital Thermometer, EMF Pump

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the residence and spoke with the client. The client reported that activity has been happening frequently. The activity reported involved objects appearing
where they hadn’t before as well as shadows being seen. There had been reports of scratches, the feeling of someone sitting on the bed as well as voices being heard.
The residence consisted of 1 floor with 2 bedrooms, 2 baths, kitchen and Living room. Our investigation focused on 3 rooms (bedrooms and bathroom).
We set up a wireless camera in the master bedroom facing the bathroom.  We set it up this way because of the reported visual activity in this room. The EMF pump was
set up in the other bedroom. Tom and Stacie proceeded to the bedroom with the EMF pump. We had two audio recorders, a K2 meter and 2 digital cameras.


Personal Experiences:
•        Stacie and Tom both heard many knocks throughout the night.
•        Stacie and Tom both heard a breathy noise while in the 2nd bedroom.
•        Stacie felt something get on the bed. She turned to look for the cat but there was no one there.
•        Tom’s neck felt warm at one point. No scratches seen at the time.
•        Both saw shadows in the master bedroom.
•        Scratches were found on Tom a day later

Equipment Evidence:
•        Picture of scratches on Tom.
•        EVPS were recorded. See attached evidence folder.
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case 302
Shortsville, NY
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Case File 302 EVP's