Charlotte, N.Y. – May 2013

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Mark, Tom

Equipment:  2 Wireless Infrared Cameras, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, K2 Meter, Digital Thermometer, Yes/No Box

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the house and spoke with the client. The client reported that activity has been happening off and on for years. The activity reported involved objects
appearing where they hadn’t before as well as a previous employee reported shades opening and closing with no one in the building. The residence consisted of 2 floors
with many rooms including a basement and attic. We did not investigate the basement or the attic. Our investigation focused on 3 rooms on the second floor and a few
rooms and hallway of the first floor.

We set up a wireless camera facing the room with the shades with the Yes/No box in sight and another facing the hallway and room also on the third floor. We set it up
this way because of the reported visual activity in these two rooms.Tom, Stacie and Mark proceeded to the second floor with an audio recorder, K2 meter and camera.
Rob stayed on the first floor with his audio recorder and watching the monitors.  Rob and Tom also worked later together while Mark and Stacie investigated the 1st floor.


Personal Experiences:

•        Rob heard footsteps a beat off of his rhythm on the 1st floor which was caught on the recorder
•        Mark, Stacie and Tom heard movement in an upstairs room which also was caught on the digital recorder
•        Many investigators had the feeling that cobwebs were on them although none were noticed.
•        Many noises and movement was heard at various times during the night which were also caught on the recorders.

Equipment Evidence:

•        Camera did catch the blinds reopening after Stacie had closed them. It was found that the weight of the chain did make the shades re open slightly.
•        EVPS were recorded. Listen below.
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case 301
Charlotte, NY
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