Ellison Park Case File

Investigation conducted by Rich, Adam and Rob

Guests on Investigation ---RIT student newspaper and City Newspaper

Purpose of Investigation --- having investigated Ellison park on a previous evening, we are trying to see if the evidence would repeat.

The Investigation started with the briefing of the last investigations evidence. The main pieces being responses from the PX device. It made mention several times of the
following words

There was a countdown of steps starting at 0 and culmonating with STOP then HUNT immediately afterwhich two rabbits ran across the path. (the most compelling of all)

New Investigation

On the walk out to the area we would be covering, a shadow was seen by Rob along side of a tree. After investigation it was a low bush blowing in the wind from behind
the tree.

Several lights were seen in a north facing direction, these were later to be determined to be headlights from a road some distance away.

Several lights were seen later on a hill that has no road or vehicle access. These lights were seen by several members of the group and appeared to be in the trees.
Since we were unable to get to the hill and research further these anomolies were left to be interesting but ultimately not evidence.

The entire group also heard the chiming of a large bell at 8:25 pm there are no churches in the area and the time is not a regular time for bells to toll.  

The PX was once again active and the following is a short list of words


MCPI believes that Ellison park is a highly active area and we intend to return and test our theory again.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 294
Ellison Park, NY
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