Case File – Union St. in Chili, NY
June 2012
Investigation Team – Stacie (Case Manager), Brian (Lead Investigator) and Rob (Spiritual Medium)

Client Interview:
As Case Manager, I received a call from Mike (client names have been changed). Mike had recently begun moving his family out of a small house in Chili, NY because of
the occurrences that had been happening. As soon as Mike and his family moved into this house, they had begun hearing voices, whispers and footsteps. Mike decided
to try recording his own EVP. After he did this, he felt that it aggravated the situation. Mike also explained to me that when people entered the house, their moods
changed. They became agitated and arguments would happen more frequently. Outside of the house, people were less moody. Mike then told me that he had begun
researching the house and did find information concerning a murder that occurred in the house. I was the only person that knew this information. Mike also found a cross
necklace in the house that he hung up on the wall. The necklace flew off the hook that it was attached to. That is when he decided to call M.C.P.I. I set up the
investigation for the following Saturday night. I informed Brian of the occurrences in the home such as the footsteps, whispers and necklace.

Investigation Night:
Brian drove us to the investigation. At this time, Rob was told only the address of the residence. All other information had not been shared with Rob in order for him to get
an accurate read on the house. We arrived at the house at approximately 8:15 PM. We were greeted by Mike and his sister Jamie. We left Rob to meditate on the outside
of the house as Brian and I entered the house with Mike and Jamie. We shared with the clients how we conduct our investigations by telling them that all information about
the house should only be discussed with me or Brian and not Rob. They gave us a tour of the house and told us some of the experiences they had in the house. The
house was small with only 5 rooms and a porch. Brian and I both felt uneasy in the bedroom. Brian felt an overwhelming urge to cry. I had a horrible headache while in the
house. During our initial walkthrough, EMF readings were slightly high near the stove area and no baseline pictures showed anything out of the ordinary. Most of the
evidence was personal experience.  They went over all the previous experiences discussed and gave us a document they found about the murder. In that document, it
stated that a man named Frank broke into the victim’s house which resulted in the stabbing death of the victim, Amy. It mentioned also that he cut the phone lines and
disabled the motion light. At this time, Rob was still outside with his headphones on, preparing for the investigation. Mediums note--- the driveway was over 100yds long
and the backyard 75yds deep. Through my meditation I walked the length of them combined. I was never stationary near the house.

After the initial walkthrough, Brian and I joined Rob outside. Rob was visibly agitated. He was responding to the clients, as well as us, in a very rough manner. He
mentioned to us his impressions of the house just by walking up and down the driveway. He stated that during preparation, he was unintentionally clenching his fists,
becoming very angry. He also mentioned that during his preparation, he listened to different songs than he normally does. Each song had to do with a murder or a
relationship betrayal. Mediums note--- I do normally listen to heavier music to prepare as it helps tune out the outside distractions. This night however the darker nature
of the music was the issue. At this time he still had no information about the house. As we prepared to enter the house, Rob felt very uneasy about going in. Mediums
note --- I had such a strong feeling about the entry into the house I actually asked at one point to be pushed over the threshold.We circled up to do our protection
blessing and started towards the door. As Rob approached the door he stated, “I feel like I am going to be ambushed.” We decided to leave the lights on for Rob’s initial
reading of the house. We never turned the lights off.

Brian entered the house first, Rob reluctantly entered second and I entered last. The clients followed behind us. Rob wandered through the kitchen and living room and
made his way to the front enclosed porch area. In this area there were windows that led to the living room. Rob knelt down, on one knee, looking through the windows at
the back door. He stated, “waiting for the door to open, waiting, waiting….but it doesn’t open.” Rob then moved towards the kitchen and into the doorway of the bedroom.
“Here, Here,” Rob stated. It was at this point that Rob’s facial expression started to change. His eyes grew wide and bright, his hands were clenched in a fist. He looked at
us and said, “I want to kill that __________ bitch.” I think it is important to reiterate that neither Brian nor I have given Rob any information about the house.

The next 20 minutes or so, we stood in the kitchen. Rob stayed in the entranceway to the bedroom, eyes still wide and bright. It was like looking into the eyes of a crazy
man. Rob explains it as being extremely furious, but utterly high with ecstasy at the same time. He stood in the door describing this feeling, banging the door frame as if
he was waiting. He described the hatred for a girl and how he was waiting for her and he was going to kill her. He stated that he stood right here with a sensation of
repeatedly stabbing the doorframe as he waited. He had an evil smile on his face the whole time staring at each one of us. He felt as if he was getting too close to the
entity and we left the house to take a break. Mediums note--- the feeling was so intense I had a very hard time letting go of it. It was the purest joy, hatred, rage, elation,
and violence all in one package.

Outside, he slowly began to resemble Rob again. The smile lifted and his eyes were not as wide as before. We discussed what had happened briefly. We asked Rob if he
wanted any verification at this time. He said to wait.  I kept looking back into the house, wanting to go back in. After a short break, we re-entered the house. We decided
to go into the bedroom due to the uneasy feelings that both Brian and I had. It didn’t take much time for Rob to get those feelings again and his face changed once more.
As we were in the bedroom, Rob stated, eyes opened wide, “Do you smell that? It’s blood.” He described the feelings he had of intense fury at the same time as intense
excitement. He wanted us to understand what he was experiencing. Being the only girl in the room, knowing the case that a girl was the one murdered, I asked Rob a
question. I asked if we were annoying him by staring at him right now. He said yes. I replied with, “I am really annoying you now though, right. You would love to come after
me right now.” Rob, still having control over his body, stated, “Well I know you so no but really YES.”Rob felt that it was a good time to take another break. We left the
house once again. I discussed with Rob the intense feeling of needing to go back in the house. It was almost a feeling of obsession.

After this break, we entered the house for one final time. Rob went back to the spot outside the bedroom door, I stood near the stove in the kitchen and Brian was near
the back foyer. Rob resumed the same feelings a third time. He kept looking around the door frame saying that something was moved. I took the homeowner in the other
room and asked where he found the cross. Mike stated that it was directly above where Rob was standing in the crawlspace. Rob started to become clearer. Rob then
explained how the murder happened. He stated that she came in the back door, he came out of this spot and stabbed her right where I was standing. He started to slip
backwards stating that there was blood all around. His left arm started to hurt and get numb. I stood in the kitchen and began having pains in my chest. He stated that the
killer must have gotten hurt somewhere on his left side. I asked if there was anyone else there. Rob said, “little eyes.” Rob also felt that there was something about letters
and the number 16.

We concluded the investigation in the house. As we talked outside, Rob told the clients that they were making the right decision. He said they need to get out of the
house. The client was glad that they had already started that process. It was a very unconventional investigation yet one that affected and continues to affect myself and
Rob intensely.

After the Investigation:
The night after the investigation was a hard one. We went to a diner after the investigation to debrief and talk out what happened that night. Rob was struggling with
seeing a murder and ultimately feeling like it was his hands that did it. He felt like closing his eyes was going to be a very bad thing. I had the feeling of not knowing the
purpose of the investigation. I feel like we essentially help clients and in this case, the clients were already moving out. I felt a sense of finding out what that purpose was.

Rob’s night was filled with very little sleep. He had a very specific dream about the murder. He saw this murder through the eyes of Frank. He described his skin color and
then described how he stabbed Amy in the sternum and face. It was really affecting Rob. Mediums note--- I awoke in the middle of the night so afraid that the police were
going to come get me for murder, I truly believed my dream was real.I decided to start looking into where Amy was buried, thinking that maybe by visiting her grave we
could have some sense of closure especially for Rob. I was having a lot of trouble so I traveled to Rundell Library’s Local resources section on Monday. As I was there, I
searched for her obituary as well as newspaper articles to validate the information that Rob had been telling us. I found both. Rob and I made plans to go to the cemetery
on Saturday. I couldn’t wait.

I traveled to the cemetery that night. I drove to the back of the cemetery and started looking. I got that same intense headache in this one section. I looked through it as
my husband looked on the other side of this section. As I went to go to the section my husband was looking in he said it wasn’t there. We looked some more and could
not find it. As we began to leave, I asked for him to pull over one more time in that section where I was getting my headache. I stepped out of the car and walked directly
into the gravestone. This cemetery was different because if you took one step over the road. You were in someone’s back yard.

Rob sent me a text describing what Amy looked like. He described her to a tee based on the newspaper pictures of her. These newspaper articles were only in my
possession. Rob was still not sleeping well and the next night was no different. This dream was very odd though. He described different objects. As he described these
objects, I became more amazed with his abilities. He was describing the grave. I asked him if he wanted me to give him any more information. He said not yet.

The next time Rob and I talked, he asked if the grave was at the top of a hill and near someone’s back yard? He described a few other identifying items that were
perfectly accurate. I told him yes. On Saturday, we took a trip to the cemetery together and it validated once again his visions. Unfortunately, we still were unsure what our
purpose was.

M.C.P.I. met to discuss the findings of this case. Based on the newspaper articles that I read over and brought to Rob for the first time on Saturday night, all of Rob’s
visions that he described were extremely accurate. The only two details that we were not able to validate were the 16 and the letters. The homeowners did speak of
letters being found in the shed behind the house but the fiancé wasn’t there to validate that. The number 16 could have many possibilities. One possibility is that she was
stabbed 16 times. We could not validate that. Another theory is that this happened 16 years ago, which was validated.

Overall, this case has been a very interesting and eye opening one. I still find myself thinking daily about this case and a piece of me will always be connected in some
way. Perhaps our purpose for this investigation will come to fruition at a later date.
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Union St., Chili, NY
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