Greece, N.Y. – Private Residence – March  2012

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Mark, Nick, Brian

Equipment:  Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, EMF Detector

Investigation Overview:
We arrived at the residence and spoke with the homeowners. The homeowners reported that activity has been happening mainly in two areas, the upstairs bedroom and
their son’s room. The son was having trouble sleeping being scared at night and panicking in his room. Noises were also being heard upstairs.
Brian and I did a baseline sweep and found no abnormal readings. Baseline pictures showed nothing as well.
Rob entered the residence at 9 pm and did a walkthrough. He sat down and told his initial reading of the house. After this Brian, Mark and Nick proceeded upstairs as
Rob and I investigated the child’s bedroom. We switched locations at about 11 pm.

     Personal Experiences:
•        Mark, Nick and Brian heard a knocking sound in the upstairs bedroom
•        Stacie and Rob both experienced cold spots
•        Stacie and Brian both experienced Rob’s experiences

Medium’s impressions:
•        Rob felt a female presence
•        He felt a strong pressure on his head and chest and proceeded to tell me that he didn’t feel good. After this, Rob doesn’t remember the rest. I used audio         
      recordings to document his experiences.
•        Rob had trouble speaking and then wouldn’t respond to my questions. I tried to get Rob to leave the room. It took two minutes to get him to tell me his name. He
      said he was cold. He then was favoring one side of his face and had very slurred speech. When I tried to get him to leave the room, he couldn’t move his left leg.
•        After about ten minutes, I called Brian and he helped Rob up. He escorted him out of the house. Rob stumbled down the steps. The next thing Rob remembers is
      being outside on the front stoop.

Equipment Evidence:
•        No visual evidence
•        EMF Detector recorded high readings around Rob
•        EVPS were recorded. See attached evidence folder.

Homeowner Input:
     When we revealed our evidence to the homeowners, we were happy to hear that the activity had subsided and their young son was sleeping better.
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case 265
Greece, NY
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