Spencerport, N.Y. – Private Residence – December 2012

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Adam

Equipment: Wireless Infrared Camera, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, EMF Detector

Investigation Overview:

We arrived at the residence and spoke with the homeowners. The reports consisted of the dog staring and barking at the ceiling. When this would occur, the homeowner
would take pictures and video and capture orbs. The activity was mainly happening in the kitchen and family room area of the first floor.  The homeowner would then ask,
“Where are my spirit orbs?” They would then start flying around the room.

We set up a wireless camera facing the kitchen and family room. We set it up this way because of the reported activity in the kitchen. We took base line EMF readings as
well as baseline pictures. The basement was an area of high EMF which at times would penetrate the ceiling showing readings on the floor above. All other readings were

We proceeded to the back bedroom  with an audio recorder, EMF detector and camera. We also investigated the basement and kitchen and family room.


Personal Experiences:
    •Rob noticed orbs responding to the voice of the homeowner.
    •Stacie witnessed a light anomaly on the monitor connected to the wireless camera.

Equipment Evidence:
    •Wireless camera recorded a light anomaly that resembled the same shape as a picture
    •Orb picture in bedroom that resembles the same shape as the video evidence
    •EMF Detector recorded very high  readings in the basement.
    •No EVP’s recorded

Homeowner Input:
    When we revealed our evidence to the homeowners, she has agreed to acknowledge the activity but not call it out as she did before. They are also checking out the
high EMF readings in the basement.
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Spencerport, NY
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