Avon, N.Y. – Private Residence- Duplex – August 2012

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Kat, Adam, Brian, Mark

Equipment: Wireless Infrared Camera, Portable Video Camera, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, MEL Meter, K2 Meter

Investigation Overview:
We arrived at the residence around 9:00 P.M. and spoke with the homeowners. The investigation started after the guests left in order to secure a quiet location for the
investigation. The homeowners reported that activity has been happening for awhile and with previous owners. The residence consisted of 2 sides each with a kitchen,
bathroom, and 3 bedrooms.  It had been in the family since it was built. The activity was happening on the stairs of the north side of the house and the upstairs of the
south side of the house.
We set up a wireless camera landing of the stairs. We took base line temperature and EMF readings as well as baseline pictures. The only area of high EMF was in the
kitchen near appliances. All other readings were normal.
Brian, Stacie and Mark proceeded to the North side of the residence and Adam, Kat, Rob and Brian worked on the South side. After about an hour, we switched sides.
Concluding the investigation, Brian, Rob, Stacie and Kat met with the homeowners.

      Personal Experiences:
•        While investigating the South side of the duplex, Rob and Mark both saw a shadow move from left to right blocking out the clock on the cable box. Our discussion of
       this shows thorough review that it could not have been caused by anything.
•        While investigating the North side of the duplex, Brian was asking questions and, Brian, Stacie and Mark heard a knock.
•        While investigating the North side of the duplex, Mark had told the apparition to come closer for help. Stacie, Brian and Mark heard distinct loud footsteps.  We had
       a discussion about where they could have come from and tried to explain them. We could not explain them.
•        While investigating the North side of the duplex, Mark again said that he was there to help. He heard a knock right near him. He was the only one who heard it at the

Medium’s impressions:
•        In the house, Rob was getting a sense of a female and a male presence.
•        He felt that the female was there looking for someone and to help the son in the bedroom.
•        Rob described the movement of the female on the upper landing. Those movements were confirmed by the homeowner.

Equipment Evidence:
•        No visual evidence
•        EVPS were recorded.
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case 221
Avon, NY
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