MCPI was called in to investigate a home in EAST IRONDEQUOIT N.Y. where the mom of the family was having some
late night visitations.

On the investigation were investigators Brian, Stacie, and Rob.

There were reports of glowing orbs of light and shadow movements along the main wall of this family's living room.
Equipment was set up and the house was placed under very tight surveillance.

A camera equipped with an infrared booster was placed in the living room aimed at the location the disturbances were
seen. Each investigator was armed with a digital voice recorder and camera.

During the course of the investigation a temperature variation was recorded along the wall where the mom saw her
disturbances. To make matters more interesting the wall can be accessed from both sides and the temperature variation
occurred only on one side and only in one area. The room read 72.1 - 72.6 the wall measured 65.6 - 66.0 at the ceiling.
Now temps usually rise near the top of a wall due to heat rising. The opposite side of the wall was actually higher with
recorded temps of 74.4 - 75.2 at the same height.

Perhaps one of the best pieces of "personal experience" evidence was captured here at this location as well.

All 3 investigators and both the mom and dad of the home were drawn to the exact area that the shadows were reported.

Brian and the dad asked almost simultaneously "if you are here, please give a sign of your presence."

Rob was standing in the corner and immediately noticed a change in the room. He called Stacie over to the area and had
her stand in the same spot. She noticed a change as well. The mom stood up and came over to the spot and burst out.

Stacie and Rob looked at each other and announced on a count of 3 "smoke".

The odor of cherry tobacco filled a small section of the room that all members of the team had been in and reported no

It is important to note that no one in the home or on the team smokes. This was noticed for a period of 15-20 seconds
and then it was gone.

No confirmed photo evidence was captured but if you ask Stacie and Rob about the kickball in the kid’s room they will tell
you otherwise. The situation could not be confirmed so it will be left from the case file.

No confirmed audio evidence was captured either.

Conclusion--- it is too early to tell what the situation really is. We at MCPI believe the mom and her story. We had
personal experience evidence but that does not translate to fact. Overall.... Case pending further investigation if need be.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 213
East Irondequoit
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