Private residence in Pittsford. MCPI was called into a case in Pittsford to help a client who had taken a disturbing picture.
The client had taken a picture of a friend but the friend was not the only one who showed up.

The case was investigated by Brian, Adam, Jeana and Rob. Rob serving as medium and Brian as scribe to medium.
During the investigation no photo or video evidence was captured despite taking over 300 pictures including over 100 in
the location that the unwanted visitor showed up.

Audio evidence was however able to capture several pieces.

Rob was walking the exterior of the home with Brian, during this time outside it was raining and rather muddy. Rob had
picked up on the feeling of being completely submerged in water. He also picked up on the sounds of multiple cats... This
was ultimately captured on an EV that was recorded by Brian in the back yard of the home.

In the EVP you can hear two people talking Brian and Rob, There is the sound of rain falling on leaves in the trees above
and a hush of rainfall in the surrounding area.

A question is asked.... "did you hear that?"  and a reply "no?" ..." what was heard? Listen to EVP and just prior to the
question there is a scream. That was heard only by the medium investigator.

The home owner prior to the reveal starting offered a piece of information. This information came in the form of a
question.... "Can cats be ghosts?"

After further research on the house and area it was discovered that the back yard of the home was indeed under water
in 1974 when the bottom of the canal blew out.
An inside note Rob lived in Morris town NJ in 1974, and did not move to NY until 1988.

Final judgement this home does have something going on. It appears to have some paranormal activity.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 202
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