Irondequoit, N.Y. – Private Residence – November 2012

Investigators: Stacie, Rob, Mark, Nick, Rich

Equipment: Wireless Infrared Camera, Audio Recorders, Digital Cameras, PX, MEL Meter

Investigation Overview:
We arrived at the residence and spoke with the homeowners. The homeowners reported that activity has been happening off and on for years. The activity recently
began to escalate after a family member returned to the family home. The residence consisted of 13 rooms including a basement, attic and enclosed porch. It had been
in the family since it was built. The activity was mainly happening in the kitchen and back room area of the first floor.
We set up a wireless camera facing the kitchen and basement stairs. We set it up this way because of the reported activity in the kitchen as well as the experience of one
of the investigators, Rich, during the initial walk through. He heard footsteps on the basement stairs. We took base line temperature and EMF readings as well as
baseline pictures. The only area of high EMF was in the kitchen near appliances. All other readings were normal.
Rich and Mark proceeded to the basement with an audio recorder, PX and camera. Rob, Nick and Stacie proceeded to the upstairs with 3 audio recorders, a MEL meter
and a camera.  The groups then changed locations at approximately 11:00 P.M. We started our investigation at 9:30 P.M. and ended at 12:30 A.M.


Personal Experiences:
•        Mark and Rich witnessed a white light shoot across the basement floor. Only happened one time. Mark and Rich also heard a growling sound in the basement.They
    were unable to determine if it was the dogs outside.
•        Rich also heard the sound of pipes rattling in the upstairs bedroom.
•        Mark and Stacie witnessed a light anomaly on the monitor connected to the wireless camera.
•        Nick felt as if his mood was different upstairs than downstairs.
•        Rob witnessed a shadow moving on the wireless monitor.

Medium’s impressions:
•        In upstairs bedroom, Rob was getting a sense of a female presence.
•        He felt that she was looking for Ed. (Homeowner confirmed that Ed was her father’s name.)
•        He felt that the female presence was hard to understand. Her voice was slurred. (Homeowner confirmed that her mother had a stroke and spoke like that.)
•        He felt that a bed like the one upstairs (hospital type bed) was downstairs previously. (confirmed by homeowner)
•        Downstairs, Rob felt the sense that someone fell and was yelling for help. (Homeowner confirmed)
•        Rob also wrote down a description of a man that appeared to a young man years ago in the house. (Homeowner confirmed that it was her father, Ed.)

Equipment Evidence:
•        Wireless camera recorded for twenty minutes and then stopped recording. We were unable to determine why.
•        No visual evidence
•        MEL Meter recorded very odd temperature readings in the upstairs bedrooms. At times, it was reading at 6000 degrees in the room.
•        EVPS were recorded. See attached evidence folder.

Homeowner Input:
   When we revealed our evidence to the homeowners, one EVP called Hi caught them by surprise. She stated that it was her dad’s voice.
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Irondequoit, NY
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