MCPI Was called in to investigate a residence on Norton st.
on Rochesters north east side.

The homeowner had some experiences in the home that had
her questioning the possible existance of spirits in her home.
1. Her young daughter was having sleep issues and claimed
they were due to the little girl in her room
2.She had been awakened on several occasions by a
blonde teen in her bedroom standing at the side or foot of
her bed.

3.Her mother had passed away in the basement of the
home and at times, there was a sense of being followed
and also a perfume smell.

The findings in the home were minimal but there were
findings. In pictures taken during the investigation there are
several orbs, some in motion, there is also in one photo
what appears to be a mist settling around the medium
present at the investigation. This mist is seen in the
basement where the mother had lived. The most interesting
piece of eveidence is an evp captured by the night vision
fixed camera microphone. The evp is of a small female
voice and it states, "moms' home!", there were no children
present the night of the investigation and no T.V.'s or radois
on. The most intrigueing part of this evp is that the mother in
the house gets up, leaves the room, and then returns
followed by 9seconds of silence and then the voice "moms'

While we at MCPI do believe that there is some type of
spirit activity in the home we do not feel it to be of a
threatening nature. As always we have instructed the
homeowner to call if anything changes and that we will
always be willing to return and re-research the home.

all aspects of the case are not reflected in this report as to
keep certain
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 161
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