Upon entering the home was drawn to basement, the
beginning walk through yielded some information as to
what we are dealing with. I believe that the energy that
exists in the house is residual, as to say that I do not
think that there is an intelligent haunting. I feel the
house is cold now and the residual movement has been
increased due to the work being done in the house and
the fact that there has been an appearance change
inside the home. On my walk through I was also drawn
to the attic left door. We set our stationary camera there.

Teams were Kat and Jessie
and Rick and Rob with
Jeanna at the video center.

R ob & Rick head to the  basement first.

Kat  & Jessie on the first floor

The basement was rather still, I was given the name John Wiltey, and very little else.I was drawn to the fruit cellar and
particularly to a freshly painted wall where I feel that a statement was made, by way of a message I feel as though the
person who lived in this home prior to his or her death felt very alone and isolated. Rick asked questions and there
seemed to be no response. I asked questions but my guide was not able to find much out for me a name and a possible
date 05-09-1973.

The main floor the living room was a clean environment, I didn’t sense much there the upstairs hall and bedrooms also
seemed relatively clean. The attic had a lot of energy not of an evil or demonic sense, more of a frustrated sense, a
feeling of sadness and separation.

Upon review of the video tape a cat can be heard crying and meowing, there is a mumbled evp that cannot be
deciphered, some minor orb activity.

Upon review of the audio tapes there is an evp “get out” which I believe is directed at our group not the homeowner, and
the reason is the topic of discussion at the time, Tammy states the she is going outside so we can begin our investigation
and then the evp is captured.

Upon review of the still cameras, some orbs were caught and some possible images we will need more time to review
these photos in depth as over 200 were taken.

Upon review of the dvr stationary cam the image was not very clear and actually quite distorted so the video is of no
help, however the audio picked up a door closing that was definitely not any member of the team as we were all
accounted for. The sounds of a cat were again recorded, and no cat was located. There is another evp of “get out” again
directed at the group as r and r were about to head up the stairs to investigate the attic. It is my impression that the
homeowners are in no danger whatsoever and should not concern themselves with the get outs they are directed
towards the team.

My overall impression is that the house is a mild residual collection of spirit, they seem to have a schedule that they keep
to and they do not seem to even take real notice of the homeowners, and they are non-violent.

My impression is that there was an accidental loss of life at one point in time, and that the spirit lingered behind out of
confusion. I believe that an afirmation by the homeowner and a blessing with or by a priest would help. The afirmation
should be along the lines of “I revoke any permission given to you to remain in this house if you are going to be mean!” I
feel that Tammy should go about her life and the more she makes the house her own the more things will calm down. All
in all this is a case of a mild spirit prescnece, and there should be no more than mild noises or tricks.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 148
Melville St.
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