GEVA Theatre Investigation

Set Up:
For this investigation our group was invited to
work with Western New York Paranormal. We
split up into 3 groups I was partnered with Rich
and Jen. I used my digital camera and tape
recorder to collect evidence.

Our group started off in the basement. I took
some photos of the hallway leading to the green
room. While in the green room I took pictures, I
also took photos near the elevator where there
has been a report of a dark shadow. After this
area we went to the winding hall, in this hallway
there are reports of a nurse that took care of
patients with T.B. In this hallway I felt a lot of
pressure and my throat that had already started
bothering me started to worsen.  While in this
hallway at points it got really hot where my face
felt like it was burning and then it would cool off
some. When one of our group members tried to
contact us by walkie-talkie we noticed that it
wasn’t working properly. Also when I tried to call
one of the group members on the cell phone, the
phone rang and they never heard it ringing.   
Once my group finished our investigation of the
basement we went to the main theater, this was
where we spent the remainder of our time. While
in the theater we kept hearing a clanking kind of
sound, something tapping the metal, it was not
happening in just one area it seemed to switch
spots. Before we split up, my camera suddenly
shut off, it made a strange noise. When Jen and
I went to the balcony the talkie kept beeping and
one time it sounded like someone was trying to
talk but it was so jumbled that we couldn't’t
understand. I spent the majority of my time in the
balcony seated in the center, in front of the
sound both. At times it would get very warm up
there and then cool down, but it was difficult to
tell temperature changes since we were
elevated. During the investigation of the balcony,
while we were sitting It felt like my arm was
being pushed and I was being pushed from
behind. It also seemed like there was some
shadow movement in different areas of the
theater.  Once everyone met back up in the
theater, we all sat in different areas of the
theater to see if the clanking noise really moved
from place to place. This was where we
concluded our investigation.


I captured a few photos with orbs in the green
I had more activity in the curved hallway; I
captured several photos with orbs and strange
shadowing or shading. Also, I took and photo of
a mirror in that hallway and it looks like there’s a
shadow and a face in the mirror. I did get a
couple possible e.v.p’s on side b of my cassette
tapes it sounded like go or no.

I got a few photos of orbs. The strangest thing is
that my cassette tape went into fast forward.  I
believe that I got an e.v.p while I was in the
balcony, but it’s difficult to tell because I can’t
slow the tape down any further.
Impressions from the night-
Rob medium M.C.P.I.

The building was very still in some areas and very active in others. Prior
to the investigation I was told about a seat I-24 and that it would be
different in color and that a spirit in visitation held the seat in some
regard. I was also given the impression of a woman in period clothing on
a large staircase falling. As I stood on the stage at the building I was
able to locate a seat of a slightly different color. Upon investigation the
seat was I-24 and it was a lower case I with no plinth or base a single
straight line. This was exactly what I was shown and I told Kat and
Stacie both. The stage was also the scene where the woman fell, she
was an actress in a production staged at the theater. I did note aloud
that the building was 150 years old and that the current design had been
in place for 30-35 years. Both were confirmed by Kat and Stacey. During
set up I saw what I thought to be a man in the control room but I blew it
off as I thought there was someone still in the building with us. Later to
find out we were alone. Also during set up Kat and I were alone in the
main stage area we heard tools moving about, a drill and people 5-10
moving around backstage. It was so clear that I yelled very loudly
“hello---Who’s backstage?” there was no response. After the group
came back I heard a growl or at least a deep groan. Stacey immediately
said “did you hear that?” “was that your camera?” to which Kat replied
something about cameras not growling.

The overall feeling in entire building was cluttered for me, the imprints on
the location seemed to overlap each other, I was able to pick some
things specific. For the most part I was able to give information about a
man who was in charge of overseeing the transfer out of wooden boxes
approx 1½ feet high 2 feet wide and 7 feet long. He was very solemn. I
felt as though the boxes were being sent all over western New York. To
me they seemed to be casket sized although rough in design. I also saw
the rough wood used to make these coming in to the building and a
process of sorts detailing the transformation. The name I heard was
Abraham or Abraham (not sure). As I write this I am wondering if I was
supposed to read into the raw material transfer to casket line of thought.
The next was a solitary woman located on the second floor, she was
very alone and seemed to be voluntarily cut off from all around her. I was
made to feel very ill in both my head and chest, but that my wits were
still about me through the process of passing. The body failed but the
mind remained. I am guessing but I told Kat and Stacey that it may have
been T.B. Because of the feeling of fever and chest and head illness.
She did however seem to be in a uniform of sorts. Uniforms played a
large part as I was able to see a man in what I called a porters or
ushers uniform from the 50’s. I saw several men in military garb with
particularly old uniforms WW era I’m guessing. They were drab green
and the pants seemed to balloon at the leg a little. I felt as though at one
time this building may have been a livery as there were horses and
carriages all around it. There were so many incarnations that it was hard
to focus and separate the weaker and the replay imprints from each
other. I am almost ashamed to write this but Kat and Stacey asked if I
wanted to check the basement, I bluntly said that T.R. wanted us to
check the basement because of a shadow man that seemed to dart
around in and out of the shadows. Stacey confirmed this and I told her
that I was being warned against going there because of my inability to
focus. My guide Serra was the one who warned me she is also the one
who tends to back me off if I’m in to deep. So I listened and showed a
little self control. The building was heavy at times as though many deaths
were in the building, then swinging to isolation and death and then to
gathering place and then to livery to theater it was all over the map. I
would love to go back on a night when I may be able to focus better and
separate facts.
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