Upon arriving to the investigation site I took several pictures of the outside of the building.  Once allowed inside the building
we set up and split up into our groups. We had no initial walk through the building of lights on so we came in with it already
lights out.  My groups investigation started out on the main floor in the ballroom. We spent the majority of our time in this
room. I took several photos and asked questions. We did go down a hallway that led to the kitchen and other little walk
through rooms. I did take pictures in these rooms as well as asked some questions. We then took a short breather outside
to regroup and cool down because it was uncomfortably warm in side the building. After we went back inside the building I
was following behind Rob; he walked in to one of the small rooms off the side entrance and it looked like he was picked up
and moved and immediately decided that we would not go into this room.  After this we walked into the ballroom and
separated into our new groups. We went up stairs to the balcony to investigate and have Rob show us a strange anomaly.
While up in the balcony I took several photos. When we first got up there Rob and Dwayne went walked the other side of
the balcony; Liza and I stayed next to one set of windows one of use on each side. Rob then showed us his shadow and it
looked as if he was standing right there, it wasn’t large like when he was across the way it looked life size as if he was right
there.  After this we regrouped and I continued to take photos. At one point while taking photos up in the balcony I was
looking down to the main floor and it I saw what looked like and orb going across the floor a few minutes later Rob saw
what looked like the same thing to him. After we finished our investigation in the balcony we all went down to the main floor
and regrouped with everyone.  The other investigation team wanted to go down to the basement. I was very apprehensive
about it.  While the others of WNY went down stairs our remaining team members stayed behind on the stairs.  Rick and I
stayed behind Rob on the stairs as he asked several questions and then deemed it not safe to go down. It seemed that
what ever was down there was trying to get him and Rick down and it seemed as if I was being pushed up the stairs and it
wanted me out of the building. After this we all gathered our thing and ended our investigation of the property. While packing
our belonging up into the cars I continued to have the pushing sensation and it worsened when I got near Rob and the group.
Sarah then preformed reike and that seemed to help. After our closing circle we all left.


1)        Outside the building I did catch several orbs in photos.
2)        Inside I caught several photos as well.
3)        On the main floor looking up in the balcony it did catch an apparition of a face it was in my first set of photos jpg # 55.
4)        I got a manifestation in the balcony while I was on the main floor and well in jpg # 67
5)        I my second set of photos jpg # 79 looks like a set of eyes when I zoom in on them it look’s like there are faces in
6)        While in the balcony I did take several photos and caught orb activity
7)        I listened to my tape recorder and I did not get any e.v.p evidence
8)        During the entire investigation I had difficulty taking pictures.

Personal Perception:

I do think that there is paranormal activity in this building. As to what kind I would need to go back and investigate other
areas of the building to get a better grasp of it.
Main Street Armory  Investigation

Set Up:
Our investigation team split into two groups; I was grouped
we split again and I joined forces with Western New York’s
Dwayne and Liza, as well as Rob from M.C.P.I. We were allowed
in only certain areas many rooms were locked and so we were
unable to investigate any further that the main ballroom on
the first floor including hallways, basemen, and the balcony.

I used the following to collect my data: digital camera and
tape recorder.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
case 127
Main St. Armory