Valentown Museum  Investigation
October 30, 2007


Upon arrival to this location, Rob, Stacie from WNY Paranormal and myself were the first to
arrive. Shortly after some of the people from the 98PXY morning crew showed up and then
Dwayne from WNY Paranormal showed and then the last of the morning crew came.

Set Up:

On this investigation we handled things a little differently, as far as equipment, we only did
audio and digital cameras and no video. We did this investigation with 98 PXY and we were to
be on the morning show the next morning for Halloween.


Upon entering the building we met with the Historian of Valentown Museum and without Rob
who was outside getting ready for his part. We do this without our medium so he has no idea
of history of the location. We proceeded to go lights out and started on the main level - this
building has 4 floors and a basement. I paired up with Stacie from WNY Paranormal we were
both touched and chilled to the bone. At one point I thought I heard a mans voice, but not a
voice that was with us. After I reviewed evidence I found something to back this up. I took
many pictures on the main floor and then moved to the second floor where I came upon a little
chair with a plaque on it that stated that a Captains wife sat in this chair and she nearly died
because an Indian threw an axe at her and hit the chair, the axe is still in the chair and is in jpeg
# 54. Stacie and I broke away from the rest of the group to EVP work. It is at this point on
audio that there is a train whistle. I must mention that there are no trains or train tracks
anywhere near this property. It was suppose to be a train depot back in its day but it never
happened. We then proceeded to the third floor to do some more EVP and take photo’s. It is
on this floor where we heard ballroom music, we later found out that this was a ballroom back
in the day. We then proceeded up to the next section of this floor and met back up with Rob,
Dwayne and the morning team. There is actually another floor but it was so crowed and some
of the morning team was already up there. I asked some questions and used my pendulum
while Dwayne was using his divining rods. Dwayne then had Scott from PXY take the rods and
ask some questions and he was actually getting answers. Things were getting a bit loud so
Stacie and I went down a floor, after a few minutes Rob and Dwayne joined us. While on the
second floor I did some EVP work and then Rob said that he was being told to go down to the
first floor. After review of EVP we found a voice on there that stated “why don’t you go
downstairs”. We proceeded to the first floor and to the blacksmith’s shop and it is here where
we got a lot of evidence. The crew from 98 PXY came and joined us. We were there for about
15-20 mins when Rob made contact with a spirit that walks the museum. I must mention here
that about 2 yrs ago WNY Paranormal did an investigation that drew some controversy with a
spirit that they caught on camera. We believe this could be one in the same spirit that made
contact with Rob. We then moved to the basement. I try to take into consideration that this a
dirt basement so I need to rule out a lot of “ORBS” for dirt and dust. Although there was a
chair that Rob sat in that had an energy to it or a glow to it and that can be seen in jpegs
133,134,135,136. After coming out of the basement we decided to wrap for the night. I walked
outside with Rob so he could get some air and we were joined with Scott from 98 PXY. He
wanted to ask if Rob would come on the show in the morning and talk about what had
transpired here. Rob did agree to this and we wrapped up and headed out. Scott would call
Rob the next morning at 5 am for an interview that played all over the morning show on
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