I founded MCPI to help people. This group is not based on
the “rush”, we are not thrill seekers. I was in college when I
had my first real paranormal experience, and it lingered. Was
it real, did it happen, did I see what I think I saw? For years I
pondered that night, how could I prove or disprove what I
saw. When the opportunity presented itself I joined an
established group and worked with them for 2 years. I used
my time there to learn and study. I was after all about to
embark on a journey into a difficult field, and potentially help
people who needed it. I consider myself a believer with a
healthy dose of skeptic to boot. I take this very seriously, we
deal with peoples homes and families, so we need to have
some reverence.  
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
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