Investigation- to observe or study by close examination and or systematic inquiry.

Hunting- the act of one who hunts, specifically the pursuit of game.

I think that a lot can be said as to the way a group or individual presents themselves in the paranormal field. I have grown
in this field over the 10 years that I have been in it. Matured I believe.  At first I fell into the traps and pit falls that many
new to any field often do. I became more interested in the hunt and the subsequent adulation that came from the capture
of my quarry. It wasn't about the people it was about the adrenaline rush... The conquest versus the quest. I was a ghost
"hunter" in the truest sense. I would sit and wait for my quarry, camouflaged in one of the worst ways possible. As bait. I
anticipated with baited breath, the looking at photos, the review of audio, and the watching of video. I analyzed every
second, every pixel. All the time forgetting to a certain extent why I was there. Oh I knew there were people that needed
help and I never lost complete sight of that. The clients that were involved were always cared for, always helped. No one
was ever put at risk or in harms way. It was the thrill over shadowing the science.

I still get excited when evidence presents itself. The science has not changed I have. I am an investigator now. I still use
the same equipment, I still work the same way and carry enthusiasm with me to every case. The way the approach is
broken down is where the change is, the client is and always has been the most important and now the walk trough's are
more detailed. The evidence reveal is longer and more structured, more investigators are involved so more than one
opinion is given. I refuse to accept "yes" investigators into my group. I demand that the people who go with me are able to
tell me I'm wrong. Pardon the expression but we call it "calling bullsh#$", if it cant be supported by multiple sources then it
didn't happen. Sure we call it a personal experience and those carry weight. To an extent even those are looked at with a
skeptical eye, if it is not seen, witnessed, smelled etc. By more than one investigator, its left from the report. Being an
investigator means observe more, study more, examine deeper, and inquire in more directions.

Normal science, and paranormal science converge in the "investigator" and diverge in the "hunter".

Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Investigator Vs. Hunter
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