If it had not happened to me, I would not have believed it. On my
first investigation I was in the living room of the house we were
investigating, as we were standing there talking  I felt a slight tug
on my jacket, I looked around and there was nobody standing
right there to tug on it and then I felt like someone was holding
my wrist. This was very strange. About fifteen minutes later I am
talking with the lead investigator and all of a sudden I felt
something hit the back of my leg and then we hear the noise of
something hitting the floor. We both look and see that it is a tape
recorder that has gone about two feet across the room and it hit
me. We try to figure out how this happened but there is no
explanation for this to happen. Is this a spirit saying I don’t want
you here?

Ever walked into a house and get an oogie feeling? Well let me
tell you it is a weird feeling of walking into a home and  feel this
energy that just cant be explained right off. Second investigation,
walking around and taking pictures everything is fine and then I
feel a soft touch on my face and not much more than that.
I walk into the master bedroom with another investigator take some pictures and everything is fine. Go back into this room
a little while later maybe 10 minutes and then all of sudden there is this feeling of GET OUT and then the smell if wild
flowers. This same investigation we are outside and it is almost like you can hear music in the wind, but like drums and
whistles. This land is supposedly Indian Land. Is it the spirits of the Indians that
celebrated  on this land?

On my last investigation we walk into this home and almost immediately you get a feeling of invading some ones privacy.  
Things start happening right away and when I say things I mean the touching begins. My first experience within this home
is the feeling of somebody stroking my hair. Weird feeling when there is nobody there that is actually do it, or is there?
This home I must agree with the other investigators on this it is a very active home and this turns out to be a very active
situation for one of the Sensitives in our group.   I am touched at least 7-8 times during this investigation.  I am beginning to
think in my own right that I must be a touching magnet for spirits. This is their way of saying “  Hey, we are here”   The final
time I am touched is in the basement
of the home and this time I felt very uneasy with it. I yelled and said “That is enough!  I don’t want to be touched
anymore!”. I was not touched again in the house. One of the other investigators had to calm me down. None of the other
times I was touched it did not bother me and I am still not sure how to explain why this
touch did.

Now some people may say that this is all bull and there is no such thing as a “Spirit” and what I would say to that person
or people, is unless you are in a situation do not judge. There are people out there who do not believe and if you are one
of those people well let me just tell you that from my experience so far and what has happened to me and others on our
team, Judge not lest ye be judged.

To believe or not believe that is the question. I do believe and so do the people I work with on these investigations.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
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To Believe
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