Haunted, Haunted or Haunted?
1.to be inhabited, visited, or appear in the form of a ghost
2.to come to the mind of continually, to obsess
3.to be continually present in, pervade

Sometimes a haunting can be more than just an occurrence in a home or location. The nature of the events can
become something of a lexicon or catch phrase. These events can ring so loudly that a mere mention of them
takes people to a time or location of unfettered remembrance. The moments can be so clear its as if you are still
there, and the memories are active once more. Those memories can then become a constant part of the ebb and
flow of life.

A recent case that we were called in on was one where the building was haunted, subsequent dreams were
haunted, and the members of the team that went were haunted by their obsession. This case became such a part
of us that we would talk of little else whenever we spoke over the course of a month. We talked about the claims
of the homeowners, that a Cross, a holy item was actually touched and moved by unseen hands. How could a
spirit move a holy item? The actual feelings of physical pain in the exact body locations as those described in the
details of the crime. We found ourselves calling eachother just to make sure we were still all OK. I personally
started to feel as though  was losing myself ever so slightly, and was being drawn into the case in a very real and
harmful way. The details, the new discoveries, and possible directional shifts were numerous and each one
haunted us further.
We at MCPI take our work seriously, we do have fun doing what we do, but we never forget the serious nature
that our work entails. We are dealing with people, their homes, families, and ultimately their lives. People call us
for help, wether it is just to reaffirm what they think they know, or to reassure them that they are not crazy. Some
call us and want us to use our knowledge and ability to clense or clear bless a house. Sometime we find that
natural causes are to blame and there is no haunting at all. Each case has the potential to be fascinating,  and
engrossing or flat, and boring no matter it be paranormal or not. You never know what you're gonna get... thanks
Forrest. On this rare occasion we got so much more than we bargained for. I started to think, about the meaning
of the word Haunted, and this case covered  3 of the standard definitions.

This was a totally fascinating and engrossing case.....

While the client was living in the home, there were objects that were moved, voices being heard, feelings of
anxiety and chills. The client felt at times as though whatever was in the home was possessing people and
causing a great deal of personal conflict. They stated that on several occasions there were fights and arguments
within the house that as soon as they left, the feelings of anger and aggrivation would quickly dissipate.

During our investigation we found through talking with the client that indeed, the location we focused on was
where they had had objects move about, and the voices seemed to eminate from the same spot. There was a
cross found in the attic of the home, it was nailed to a small area above a door. The cross was said to have
turneed 360 degrees around its nail. Then it was said to have been cast down, face down in an impossible
direction due to a wall being in the way. Our teams evidence seemed to back up these assumptions, so indeed
we were in a Haunted house.
The physical aspect of the haunting was the smallest part of the tale.
As intrigugeing as it is it was small potatoes.....

The more we as investigators dug into the case, the more our lives became about one thing and one thing only,
that case. Our minds started playing tricks on us making us think that irrational courses were not only rational
but almost required. The possibility of reaching out to the family member of a murder victim and saying  "hi, we
did a paranormal investigation at your old house, what can you tell us about your dead mom? " seemed like a
possible course of action. Obviously it is NOT!  Going to a federal penitentiary to ask the convicted killer
questions seemed like a good idea....Obviously again it is NOT! Suddenly we were at the begining of a
conundrum. We were Haunted by the Haunting.

As the case progressed and our lives were being taken over by this case, my dreams became of a violent and
murderous nature. They were so real that one night, I awoke absolutely sure that the police were at the door
ready to arrest me for a murder that had happened 16 years ago.  Facts that were never shared with us by the
client were coming to me in my scattered frightening nightmares. The investigators that were doind some digging
at the local library were coming across documents long burried, not on the net, and very difficult to uncover. New
and more extravagant details were made clear in my dreams and it was clear that I was now haunted by the
haunting of a haunting.....
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Haunted To The Third Degree
By: Rob Pistilli
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