Hope, it has been said is eternal. There is a fine linebetwee hope
and obsession however, the later being a caustic destructive
force. Hope can build bridges,  it can heal wounds, and even
inspirechange in the hardest of  hearts. To hold out hope is to
truly believe, to be able to envision thefuture. Can we trust
that hope will be our light, our beacon?
Why not, we can follow any path we choose. So why not follow
the path of hope for the future. Some of you may have heard
an old writing about two paths diverging in a wood, the author
states that he will take the one less traveled. I say bull, I am
going to make my own path and carve it through, around, over
or under anything I need to, so that I may continue my vision of hope and future.

I have been around people who wish for change and seek their fortune. I have been around those who wish in vane,
because wish is all they do. A wish with action is a direction, a new path, a wish alone is a wink in the dark. There is no
path, no direction. A singular wish, one that can consume, is also a detour from the path. The path you follow, lead on or
create a new needs to have some bends. If the path is straight forever the journey may reach its conclusion, but naught
else will be learned along the way. If we follow the wax and wane, we may come close to a clue that helps define the path
or the journey or maybe even create a new one. The journey I have chosen may have gone easier, if I were at times, to
take that path, precut and clear, but such is hindsight. I chose it , I’m on it, and now like it or not I own it. Is that a bad
thing? That depends on your view, are you the wish alone or are you the wish and act?

The obsessive path is the one that can be the most dangerous. If for any reason we allow ourselves to lock in on an all
consuming, finite thing, it allows for us to miss the help that may be there for us. Try this now, pick a point on the wall or
ceiling, set a timer for 3 minutes and then look at nothing else. As the timer expires come back. If you tried this, as you
came back to look at the written word, it took a moment for your eyes to focus. Plus what happened during that time
elsewhere around you, that you missed? Now that was a small scale experiment. Imagine if you can living 16 waking hours
a day on that one point, forsaking all else.

I talked to a person who has spent hundreds of dollars and lost countless relationships focusing on trying to contact a
passed loved one. To the point that they were on the verge of losing a marriage. This person became obsessed with
hearing that things were going to be o.k., all the while missing any possible signs things were getting better. There were
some unresolved issues between the two, and the hope that a connection would resolve those issues became all
consuming. I told this person to let loose of the situation, and look deep inside themselves. When you seek answers, some
times they are there for you. To find them you have to listen and look in the space you most frequent, yourself. That is the
action needed, with the hope.

So I will continue to hope as long as I live. I will cut my own path, and I will own it. I will continue to try and assist all who
need it. Above all I will live for the eternal, the hope that I will never loose hope, and always have the will to act.
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