Part  1
I often think of that phrase when I question my beliefs. I am
a firm believer in karma, and trust that by doing things the
right way and doing them for the right reasons will lead to a
positive life. Karma itself means “deed” or “act”, and in a
way is related to a cause and effect relationship with life.
Many believe that karma was built on a principle to
describe how evil happens, that a person who experiences
great tragedy must somehow deserve it. Others are rooted
in a system that both good and bad deeds are rewarded
with good and bad life events. I feel that it is much more
complex than that.

Many religions have a root in karma … Hinduism, Sikhism,
Buddhism, and Jainism being the foremost. Many of the
people that I have spoken to about my beliefs ask if I am
affiliated with one of those religions, I am not. The belief
that good deeds receive good karma, and bad deeds
receive bad karma, covers so many religions that to
pinhole a belief system is tough. In the Old Testament
there is a passage in Ecclesiastes that reads ‘There is a
time to sew and a time to reap what has been sewn’.
There is another passage later in the same book that says
how you reap is how you will see’. Thus, the roots of
Christianity and Judaism also show some effects of karma
like cause and effect. I have been told by friends of mine
that it even works its way into atheist lives as well. A firm
non-believer once told me that his goal was simply to do
well and try to live how he would want others to be able to
live. Karma in a nutshell! Karma also appears in the Wicca
religion in the Threefold Law, the idea that ones good or
bad effects on life will return onto ones self in multitude.
Egyptians had the goddess Maat who sat in judgment of
ones life based on good deeds done versus bad and did so
with out seeing the persons status in life, all were judged

My belief in karma is rooted in all those religions and in one
more thing that I feel is the foundation: Karma is not about
good or evil, it’s not a way to judge; it is a chance to see a
new way to live, a way that through deeds one can in
essence control one’s own life. If Karma is to be seen as a
reward system then it must pass judgment. I see it as
more of a positive energy against a negative energy and as
such try to earn positive energy for myself. Thus, a good
deed done will come back to you, or earn you good luck,
or maybe just help you feel that by doing good you are a
good person and deserve good in return. Many people
have said that if you go around thinking the worst the worst
will happen, we should go around seeking the good
because we have done good!

One more thing that I now have to contend with is the
notion that as a sensitive person my abilities cannot be
used for personal gain. Wow! Define personal gain. Is it
money, fame, comfort or is it karma, what a dilemma. By
using my gift to help others, though I don’t take money, I
may earn positive energy, is that benefiting? I don’t think
so. My beautiful wife had written somewhere that to give of
one’s self is the most precious of gifts. Any positive you
may get from that is a well deserved reward!! So do unto
others…or however you wish to view it, don’t promote
yourself above others, and laugh at yourself harder and
more often that you do at others and see your life turn
around, positive step after positive step no matter what
religion or lack thereof you hold true!
Part  2
I tried in my last article to get across the simple role of
karma in my life, and by doing so hopefully exposed a new
person to this line of thinking. For that whether Christian,
Jew, Buddhist, Atheist, or any form of belief, good deeds
can help one feel better and live better. I hope that I did
that and more. There must be a way then to use what I
believe that I know to feel better about myself and the
people around me. On a recent occasion a group of us had
gathered and were discussing some current events, we
joked about a certain occurrence and almost as one said,
"Oh boy, karma is going to get us!" We acted as though
karma was a bully on the edge of the playground, waiting
to meter out punishment for what we said or did. Yes, it
may be true that we may be repaid in some way by our
actions or thoughts, but will it really happen so obviously?

Let's just say that hypothetically a person you know upsets
you and you say, "Man am I mad at Sally. She is a real
pain in the butt!" Can there be a karmic repayment for
that? What if it was, "Man am I mad at Sally she is a real
pain in the butt, I hope she gets hit by a car!" There may
be some backlash there. See karma cannot punish, it does
not hold a gavel and declare a meeting open, or ask for
order in the courtroom. It can, however, act as a great
moral guide. Should we talk about others? Probably not.
Should we wish harm on others? Definitely not! So here it
goes, try to follow me.

What if our discussing another person is in some way a
reaction to karma that they may have earned. What if Sally
was a real [censored] to everyone around her and did her
best to act superior as well, what if her only concern was
for herself.?Should then the karmic effect of this be that
people who know her discuss her in a bad or unflattering
light? Now lets say that Sally herself in some way, through
her actions, causes pain or injury to another. Can that wish
of pain upon her be repayment?? What if we, as we are
"talkin' smack", fulfilling a greater role in karma, what if we
were destined to do it. Just say that as people earn bad
karma their repayment can come in many forms. So here
we sit probing the aspects of what can be or cannot be
karma. What if my being such a bad person earlier in life is
now repaying itself by my having a greater moral

Those that know me are wondering where this is all coming
from. I am trying my best to earn that good karma for
myself. I realize that some people are going to take what I
say for granted, so be it. Those of you who really know me
know that there is much more than meets the eye. So at
risk of blowing my cover here we go again --- letʼs say that
the butterfly effect was in a real state. For those that donʼt
know the effect, in a nut shell, if a butterfly flaps its wings 2
times in Beijing instead of 3 will it rain in New York instead
of being sunny. Now say the effect is real and Sally is the
butterfly, her actions then influence all of the lives she even
remotely touches! Should we then be extremely careful in
all of our actions? Should we then see that our actions can
affect all those we touch and when someone warns us of
impending danger does our not listening make this affect
worse? Can karma be a physical thing? Now that I have
taken up your time and hopefully made you think, I am now
going outside to talk some smack, wave my arms 4 times
instead of 3, and generally taunt karma into appearing, you
know poke it with a stick!! Nah, I'm just gonna sit here and
see the world as it unfolds before me for the good and the
bad and hope that karma leads me where to go!

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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished
By: Rob Pistilli
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