Why is it that so many people experience the same
phenomena? …Common fears? …  Universal trauma? …
or is it that the occurrences are so similar because they
are the true workings of the “other side”. I personally
have never had the  “shadow man”experience, the  
feeling of being watched and waking up to a figure or
shadow over the bed.  Sometimes these are perceived
to be the spirit of a loved one watching us and protecting
us, other times they are believed to be a spirit of evil that
our waking has chased off. These beings, good or bad
seem to be a commonthread in many countries and across
many religious fields. They do not seem to discriminate
between old and young, new homes or old, Christian,
Muslim, Jew or Pagan.If you talk to friends or relatives,
you will be surprised at just how many people have seen them.
Members here at MCPI also have had these experiences, in some cases being the reason they “ghost hunt”
today. I have asked many questions of them and one common thread appears. It is the moment between asleep
and awake, when the eyes are fuzzy the brain not quite clear. This is where my theory is based, in the relaxed
state of mind that I, as a sensitive do my best work. I find that when I am in true clear communication with the
spirits around us, it takes place during the most relaxed times of my “zone”. I do not find it necessary to be in full
meditative trance; for the most part, it can just be when I am very comfortable. So here, we are now between
asleep and awake, when we are going in or coming out of sleep. Our brains are drifting out or coming into
conciseness. This is the time when our minds and bodies are most relaxed, and when I believe, the line can be

Every person believer and skeptic alike has the ability to contact or be contacted by “the other side”, it only
matters whether you adhere to belief or skepticism, as to its occurrence. With my sensitivities, I know the other
side does exist, and so it is with this in mind I continue.

At the crossroads of sleep in all of our brains, and when they are at their most relaxed, the communication
happens. See, I hold that in the most relaxed state of mind, is when the spirits are most clear. The worlds blend
and the shadows appear, as we all have the ability at this time to see through the veil.  Therefore, in that moment
when the veil is thin we see the “other side”. They are always there, around us at all times. They are in
some cases as aware of us as we are of them, so as we free from sleep they may appear, for that is when the
barrier is at its frailest.

The contact is brief but very intense, a rush of “was that just grandma?” and your heart and spirit rise. Maybe
grandma knew you were down and she felt she could help, so she waits until the wall is down and comes through
to try. It can also be that we crave that touch one more time that our will, our need actually calls the departed to
us. This is where the skeptics will say it is not the spirit of a lost soul but the wish and hope of a living one creating
an image in the minds eye. They are entitled to their own opinion and I welcome it, I to believe that at times that
does happen. We at times want so much that we create. It is a sort of hypochondria maybe, a way for some to
deal with loss.  The pain is so great it must be them. However when the spirit comes through there will be a
difference. I have met former skeptics who now believe due to such an experience.
There are also the not so good spirits the ones who wish to scare and demoralize, they use this time as well. They
may use it as a tool to scare us further, to wear us down. Lack of sleep or restless sleep can drive the human
spirit down and then the bad guys are free to do as they wish, create terror, instill fear or worse. We are at our
most vulnerable, when our sleep has been compromised. I have seen and read many cases of a haunted dwelling
where the occupants were most afraid at night around bedtime. There are even more, where the problems occur
during sleep periods and the persons are wakened to the flights of these spirits, often so terrified they cannot
return to sleep. Still more accounts tell of a child or an adult rousing from sleep only to see the shadow man
standing over them. These experiences that span 100’s of years and countless backgrounds are real to those that
had them and those of us who believe. I am by no means stating every single one is real it is probably more like 1
in 500, but that 1 is enough!

The light is harder to explain; on a whole, the light tends to be during waking hours when we are coherent and
moving about. These experiences are often played off as a trick of the mind, or a missed opportunity to see what
had happened. Of the two, this occurrence I have had, walking down a street,   sitting at your desk, in the back
yard, out of the corner of your eye you see it. A figure, a ball of light or a movement of leaves or bushes,
there seems to be someone or something that has caused it but that thing or one cannot be seen. So what causes
these? My friends I do not know. Perhaps it is that all of us are a little sensitive to the other side, or perhaps it is
that the other side is close to the veil on those occasions.

Should we doubt that these occurrences are real? Maybe we should, and maybe we should not, a very healthy
dose of skepticism is needed at times, not every noise or movement is a ghost. That being said, it does make it
harder to prove that something really happened. The easiest way is to trust that all that happens may, and I
emphasize may, not be a trick of the light it may be the other side, how and why I can’t tell you.

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