Many cases that we are called in on have a common thread. A person in the home at one time or another opened a portal
inadvertently by playing a game. Correct a game. One that has been mass produced for years, and is still mass produced
today. You say what harm can come from a game? In this field, .... lots. You see by playing this game you may actually
reach "the other side" and open a doorway. Sure, you bought it at a game shop or even Toys R Us. That means nothing,
its the intent and the meaning that create the issues for you.

Sure its a game and you are only playing around. "Lets contact aunt Sally" ..... "this will be hysterical", but then it works.
You know your not moving the planchette, and everyone else knows their not moving it. "What's going on?" Well the toy
your using was intended to be a doorway into another realm. It was created over time by "real" spiritualists, hoping to
contact the dead. It is now a mass produced divination tool.  You, using the game to try to contact something, actually did.
You reached out and connected to someone or something. The veil, as it turns out, is not quite as thick as you thought it
was. Now that you have the doorway opened, you're no expert on communing with spirit, what happens? You start asking
questions drawing whatever it is in closer and the next thing you know, your scared and you close the game up, with out
sending whatever back to wherever... Problem. See you treat this like a game, but, you attempt to commune, using what
is a divination tool.

So the game worked and you are now in a position of being "haunted". The best part is you have no idea what your
actually haunted by. The doorway you opened is just like a doorway in your home. Can more than one thing pass through a
doorway at one time? YES.... If the door is open can something we didn't invite come through? YES... If we just close up
the board doesn't that send everything back? NO... So it is supposed to be a toy, how did it work for real. The idea you
went in with was to try to talk to the dead, you used a divination device to do so, and it worked. Who cares if it was mass
produced as a toy or not, it is a divination tool.

Sure it's sold at toy stores the world over. Like I mentioned earlier the use of planchette and letters has had a long history
of creation, with variations going back to China and the 1100's. In the 1890's Elijah Bond, and a partner were marketing a
"planchette" as a Talking Piece, to commune with the dead. The market for them increased as did the "spiritualism" market
itself and they then decided to enclose a board with the alphabet on it in a package deal. Thus creating the first "Talking
Board". The partner a man named Kennard, claimed to have used the board and been given the name Ouija by the board
itself in 1901 and whala the Ouija Board was "born". He claimed the board told him this was an ancient Egyptian word for
"good luck". Which given the nature of issues connected to the board can be taken so many ways now..... If this was true,
the board must have used it as a tongue in cheek meaning like, "oh your going to market these the world over and expect it
wont be used for evil.... ha! good luck!"  Those early boards were bought and used during the "Seance" movement, and
were marketed as divination tools. The instructions contained in them today are the same as were contained then, as to
how to conduct a seance. So if you follow the directions, you are using tried and true methods, derived by mediums of the
turn of the century, to conduct a real seance!!! Of course it can work!

The man that took the idea and ran with it hardest was a man named Fuld, who coined the name "Ouija" and who's name
is synonymous with the legend of the board. William Fuld died in 1927 having sued many people who tried to copy and use
"his" invention. In the 1960's, Fulds relatives sold the rights to the board to Parker Brothers and thus it became the mass
produced "toy" it never was meant to be.

Bottom lining it here, don't use them, and if you have and you are having problems contact us we can help. Do not burn the
board, as many do, believing it will help, it doesn't. Don't just throw it away, that wont help either. You need an
experienced person to properly dispose of an "enchanted" board.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Divination Toy
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By: Rob Pistilli
To play the Ouija board it is recommended that their are at least two people present, and that all involved should approach the Ouija board session with an open mind.  If a
member of the group is closed to the idea of the Ouija boards authenticity, and is only present to mock, the Ouija board will not work.

The pointer or ‘Planchette’ should first be positioned at the center of the Ouija board, and all players should then gently place their finger tips upon it.

Only one person may ask questions of the Ouija board at any given time and Ouija board sessions are generally started with a question along the lines of “Is anybody

Should you successfully connect with an entity via the Ouija board you should feel the planchette begin to move gently of its own accord in response to your questions,
slowly at first but gaining momentum.  

The Ouija board in response to your questions may answer ither by utilizing the ‘yes’, ‘no’, options or by spelling out responses by using the letters and numbers.
during a session the worst kind of beings are kept at bay, and are unable to make use of the Ouija board, as a door through which to cross.