As paranormal investigators whenever we talk to a person about an experience they have had, "this may sound crazy", or
some derivative thereof, finds its way into the conversation. People feel that talking about a paranormal event is "crazy".
We get hang up calls all the time on our hotline. I can only assume that someone in need of help is calling only to hang up
rather than admit to another person that there is a problem.

During our formative years we were constantly told about all the things there weren’t in the world: ghosts, monsters, Big
Foot, aliens....etc. It becomes a roadblock when something happens to counteract any of those things not being real. We
stand in fear, or confusion, wondering how what we have just seen or heard could possibly be real. Then we are left
wondering “If it is real where can I turn for help?” I founded MCPI to help people with situations involving hauntings. I have
studied, researched, and investigated for over 10 years to be able to help. I know that it becomes frustrating for people
when they try to reach out to friends or family and they are laughed at or made to feel foolish. So they give up and don’t
reach out to any one else until...

This group is dedicated to listening to the people who start off with "this may sound crazy". We don't think you sound
crazy, we don't judge you, and we are for sure going to help without making you feel like you are strange.

Here is the only problem.... YOU NEED TO TALK TO US! If you are having an issue please reach out. There is no need
for you to suffer in silence. Pick up the phone, reach out, tell us your crazy story and then let us get to work helping you.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
This May Sound Crazy...
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By: Rob Pistilli