Sodus, NY

In the past 8 years as a paranormal investigator, I have heard, felt and seen things that can’t be
explained.  One such case happened on an investigation that we went to in Sodus, NY.  We were asked
to re-investigate this home a few months after other members of our group had completed an
investigation there. There were four of us that night, and our experiences were plenty and varied.

All night it felt like someone was looking over your shoulder. The homeowner had shown us a large
mirror that he said seemed to be causing problems. He had originally set it down near a glass
doorway, so as we were trying to take pictures of it we kept getting a reflection from the glass door. In
order to get photos without glare from the camera’s flash we moved the mirror to the foot of the

At one point, we were making our way out of the basement and as I turned around, I saw a white light
go across the basement wall. I later learned that during our group’s previous investigation they had
also captured this ball of light on video.  

At the end of the night as we were waiting outside for the homeowner to come back, I remembered that
we had moved that mirror.  I told our team that we needed to put it back to its original spot. The lead
investigator said that since it was just inside the doorway and they could see me that it was ok to go in
alone and move it back. I opened the front door and sitting right inside the hall was a cat with its back
arched and hair raised hissing towards the top of the stairs.  What I heard next frightened me, from
the top of the stairs came a very loud growling noise. There was no one else besides me in the home
at the time who could have done or caused that sound.

Was this a case of a demonic haunting or a figment of my imagination? I know what I heard and saw
that night. It is one of the only times on an investigation that I was scared speechless. All I wanted to
do was get out of there fast, but even after that happened I haven’t stopped investigating and I have
learned how to protect myself.
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An Investigation In Sodus
By: Rich Eider
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