On a  Sunday evening in late Sept, my opinion of the
paranormal would change forever. Liza had grown up
around haunted locations, where I had never experienced
it. I decided we would take the day and visit some of the
older cemeteries in the Rochester and Canandaigua areas
and take some pictures. The last place we stopped was
Woodlawn, in Canandaigua. As we pulled in, we followed
the old road past the newer part into the older section
that was more quiet. Upon entering the older area, we
stopped along the road to take a picture of a unusual looking stone that was pinkish and black.
At this point I had seen out of the corner of my eye a long black shadow move across the lawn behind
the stone and stop/vanish at the stone. There was no clouds in the sky, the moon was bright and the
air was crisp. We kinda shook our heads and moved on. We drove up more and kept taking pictures at
different areas. We spent about 2 hours looking around, taking the odd picture here and there and
using the compasses.   Liza decided to try the compass in a grove of pine trees. There was about 5 tall
old trees in a circle there abouts. When she was going in there the compass stopped like someone had
put their finger on it! She came out shaking her head. I asked her what was up? She told me, and I
laughed at her. Try it yourself then she said, so I did, and it happened to me! Only inside the trees,
outside it was fine. She was smiling when I told her she was right.  We decided it was getting late, so
time to call it a night. We headed home and downloaded the pictures we had taken during to the day,
eager to check them out. Upon looking at that pictures on a bigger screen, we noticed that one picture
had a  unusual thing in it. That pinkish black stone that I saw the shadow by had a outline of what
looked like a skeleton wearing a letterman's sitting on it! I decided to send this picture in to a local        
paranormal group for further evaluation the following morning.

When I got up the next morning and went to email the picture to the paranormal group, I noticed the      
picture was totally black now! I re-downloaded the pictures, thinking I had missed it, but nope! It
stayed totally  black. Guess whoever it was didn't want anyone else seeing them!  We have  
experienced other things at this  hallowed place.  Including voices, touches and being drawn to certain
areas or graves. If your in the Canandaigua area, take some time and visit the WoodLawn cemetery,
your wont be disappointed!

This is what lead me to the notion that I wanted to seek more, and knowing that becoming a
paranormal investigator was the only way I would be able to find what I now knew I needed to do.
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
An Evening At Woodlawn Cemetary
By: Rich Eider
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