M.C.P.I investigated the USS Little Rock and USS Sullivans in Buffalo, NY during the summer of 2012. It was
an interesting night and pretty uneventful until it happened. When I was on the USS Little Rock I had an
interesting personal experience. Our group was in the officers cafeteria and we had been investigating for
about 2 hours up to that point on that particular ship. We decided to sit down and do an EVP session. We had
started  asking some of the "regular" questions like who worked in this area and so forth. I had asked if any
officers where around, this is when I had a glass cabinet near me get hit or knocked with force. I will admit it
did startle me. After we all settled down and collected our thoughts, we tried to recreate it. We thought maybe
that the glass had shifted or wiggled in its frame. We found that the glass was solid not loose. No one was
near the glass and we could not figure out how the sound was made. So to say the least we couldn't explain
why the knock occurred. This is one of the neat and interesting experiences that I had experienced on the USS
Little Rock. I do look forward to investigating these historic ships again.
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The USS Little Rock
By: Nick Masterton
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