I think that everyone in the world has asked themselves at one point, what happens after you
die. Some find their answer in religion, whichever one they have chose or have been taught. Some
have found their answers in science books. Others brush it off as if it will never happen, until one day
it does, and then they are compelled to find an answer while dealing with the grief of a lost loved one.
Then there are a select group of people such as myself who want to find out because being told one
way or another is just not good enough of an answer.

Do we all go to Heaven or Hell? Is there a so called purgatory? Do we see a light at the end of a
tunnel when that moment comes? What happens when you walk into that light? What happens if you
do not? Do we just end up as part of the Earth while we rot away in our graves? I know for a fact that all the
questions listed above have been answered yes by some if not many.

Through my experiences so far I truly believe that not every "soul" stays in the ground rotting. If that is the
case, I also truly believe that not every "soul" goes to Heaven or Hell, at least not right away. Is it walking away
from the light that causes this? I cannot answer that.

The most certain thing in life is death. You may get a good job, you may be rich, you may be poor, you may
have a lot of friends, you may have none. We all will die. So I say why not try and figure out what happens
when you do.

One day I believe through investigating the paranormal I will find an answer to that question. As of right now I
am just like everyone else, guessing what happens.

See you on the otherside, or will I?
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
What Happens After...
By: Mark Masterton
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