I’ve been meaning to write this for a while. I thought it would be a good idea to share what brought me to the
paranormal arena.  I’ve met a lot of people over the years and everyone seems to have a different reason for
why they are where they are today. Some people had an experience, some felt a connection to the spiritual
world, some lost loved ones and wanted to know more. There were religious reasons and scientific reasons.
Others felt a calling into psychic, medium, and/or channeling pathways. I’m sure there are countless reasons
and countless variations amongst those reasons.  For me, it was a combination of experience and loss, tossed
in with some religion and science.

As a child I had nightmares constantly. I blame the majority on watching television before I went to bed. I finally
learned (as a college student!) to not watch ‘scary’ shows before bed. Of course by then 99% of my nightmares
had stopped. They seemed to go away by high school.  But my nightmares always revolved around three
themes: Something that dragged me from my bed and into the basement; something that hovered in my room
or under my bed; and something that was in my closet trying to get me to come into it. Many nights I would
actually find myself out of bed and partway to the locations things in my dream were trying to lure me. I’m sure
these sound like normal childhood manifestations ... the three scary places in the house ... but these
nightmares came nearly every night when I slept in my bedroom. The only times they left were when I stayed at
a different home. My parents were divorced and I can never recall having nightmares at my dad’s house,
summer camp, a grandparent’s house, or even a different bedroom in the same house.  I’ve come to believe
that the house I grew up in had something off about it. I hate to say it was haunted because I never had the
guts (before my mom sold it and moved 4 years ago) to try and run audio or video. I personally believe,
however, that something evil (or perhaps just possessing a mean, mischievous personality) was residing on
that property ... in my bedroom.  I bring these memories up because they are the first instances I had of
anything paranormal. Without them I doubt I would have pushed further on this path.

As I entered my teens I started noticing that I sometimes got ‘feelings’ about things. About how something
might happen or a feeling that caused me to hesitate.  I’m not saying I’m psychic. I don’t think I am whatsoever.
I do believe that we all have an innate ability to be able to foresee things. Maybe it’s instinct, your gut, or some
leftover evolutionary piece of ourselves that we no longer use. Or perhaps it’s something we will be developing
as time continues on. I don’t know.  But since my teens, and through today, I sometimes get little pings … like I
know when someone is about to call or something is going to happen. Maybe it’s just my nerves half the time.  
When I was about 11 or 12, my grandmother had a heart attack. I didn’t know the details, but was told she was
in the hospital and was really sick. My grandmother was a second mother to me, we were very close. I
remember sitting in class at school and suddenly knowing that someone was going to come get me because
she had died. Sure enough, a few hours later someone (I can’t remember who) arrived to pick me up. Maybe it
was already in my head and my imagination just filled in the rest. Who knows? A few days after her death I saw
her in the kitchen at my mom’s house, just sitting at the table, smiling at me. It was a brief glimpse, but it was
clear, and I still have the image in my head to this day.  

There have been other times I’ve experienced what I can only describe as premonitions, gut feelings that I
shouldn’t go a certain way, or do a certain thing.  In high school I had to take a public bus to and from school.
On the way home one day I got off the bus at my normal stop and noticed the light was red. I walked in front of
the bus and then found myself with an overwhelming feeling that I shouldn’t keep walking, that I should wait for
just a second or two longer. By the time I finished laughing at my idiocy and started to move again I was
startled by a car passing the bus on the left side, at full speed, and blowing through the red light. Would I have
been hit? I don’t know, but that was the day I learned to listen to my gut feelings with more seriousness.

Some of my other experiences include the death of my grandfather (my dad’s father).  Seeing his body just
after he died made me realize that there has to be a soul, or an essence, to all of us. If you’ve seen a body then
you might know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t … well I don’t want to say to give the person a hard look
next time you have the chance because I would prefer no one ever have to suffer a loss. But for me my
grandfather was not there. It was a spiritual moment for me, one I’m still looking for an answer to. Once I had
what someone described as contact with my spirit guide (personally I’m still not sure about all that, I guess it’s
still a foreign concept to me). I was on the couch at home watching TV when a faint buzzing in my ear was
quickly followed by my name. It wasn’t perfectly clear, more like it came through as static, but not crackly. It
was a strange experience and one I’ve never had repeated – though I wouldn’t be opposed, I found it interesting.

I graduated college with science-based degrees and I’m a religious person but I don’t go to Church.  I want to
believe in the paranormal, but I want proof.  My experiences growing up (not all of which I wrote about – I don’t
want to waste that much time) led me to wonder if I was nuts.  I say this because I think a lot of people feel
unsure about what they’re experiencing and don’t want to be labeled as crazy. I’ve experienced moved items,
items falling off the wall, etc. I went in search of answers, hoping for some clarity as to what I was experiencing.
By my later teens I had taken to watching more paranormal shows. After trying to find answers in different
religions and social groups, I finally searched the web for paranormal groups.  Initially, I just thought it would be
interesting to see what they did – you know, check out the thrill factor.  I think I was fortunate that the first
group I found online consisted of several individuals who are now a part of M.C.P.I.  Over the years was shown
a lot of ideas that could help provide answers to my questions.  I’m still searching.  I’ve said before that I want
proof. I think it will be very hard to get it, but I’m a persistent person. After all I’ve experienced and felt growing
up, I want answers. I think we all do. Some I’ve met are more comfortable with their beliefs; I want to reach that
point. Maybe someday I will.  
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Journey Into The Paranormal
By: Jen Edmiston
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