Most days I don't know where I stand with all this ghost hunting .. paranormal investigations .. call it what you
will .. business. I think it's a lot like life, 95% isn't memorable, 5% makes you stop and think about your place in
everything. 95% of investigations I experience very little. Maybe later I'll come across a few EVPs or other
unexplained phenomena, but rarely does anything happen on-site that stops me in my tracks. I can think of 4
occasions offhand. 4 .. in the last 10 years of actively engaging in investigations. Two were private residences,
one was a local business, and the other was a privately owned, unoccupied, home - The Sallie House.
When I first got the invite to go to the Sallie House I wasn't sure if driving 17 hours was really worth it.  My first
thought was .. sometimes I don't want to drive 2 hours to Rochester (I'm from Buffalo) so why would I want to
drive 17 hours to Kansas?  In the end I decided that, worst case scenario, I got a fun vacation in and would get
to visit a state I most likely would never go to on my own. To this day a part of me is still shaken by what I
experienced there. My rational side tells me that I was tired and imagined things. I like to rationalize things
away, especially when they challenge me so deeply.  But when I shove that rational bit to the side and think
about what I went through I can't bring myself to ignore what I saw and felt.  

The Sallie House isn't all that remarkable from the outside. Even the interior lacks a foreboding quality. I would
estimate the house at less than 1200 sq. ft. There's a partial basement with a dugout crawlspace. The main
floor consists of a kitchen connecting to a dining room that opens to a family room. The upstairs has three
rooms - "Sallie's room", the master with an attached walk in closet, and a third bedroom..  I didn't do any
research on the house beforehand. I know my imagination can get off on a tangent if I'm not careful, so I felt the
best case for me would be to know as little as possible ahead of time. As a disclaimer, I don't see myself as a
psychic or medium or any of that. Maybe it's possible that having done this for so long that I'm becoming more
open to things, but even that I'm not sold on (at another time I plan on writing about what brought me into the
paranormal arena).

Our trip to the Sallie House was planned out as 3 nights and 4 days. We would stay up late into the night .. or
rather early into the morning, get some sleep and then come back in the afternoon.  The group lead (Jeremy
from the Anomalous Research Center based out of Urbana Illinois ) didn't want to sleep in the house so we had
a hotel room about 1 mile away.  As it turned out, we wouldn't even need a full 24 hours for me to experience
my first full body apparition.

We had been investigating for a few hours already. Some of our group decided to head back to the hotel while
three of us decided to do a few more EVP sessions. I was tired and I had secretly been hoping we would go
back to the hotel as well. Instead we went to the master bedroom. It was around 2am, the three of us were
sitting on the bed conducting a 'Real Time EVP' session. If you're unfamiliar with this, RT-EVP is done by
setting the tape recorder a pre-selected time delay. In this case it was 6 seconds. A question is asked and then
an appropriate amount of time is given for a response. The person listening through the headset will hear the
question on delay followed by a response (if there is one). Effectively this is in real time since you are listening
to it then, rather than at a later time.  

Stacie was the person listening through the headphones. Jeremy was asking questions. We had two cameras
set up in the room. A thermal camera and an infrared camera. The infrared was set in front of us facing the
closet (which was to my right). The thermal was facing in our direction and had been placed by the door.  Prior
to starting the session all the cameras had been checked and were functioning normally.
The EVP session started normally and seemed to be progressing at the standard rate. I was getting to the point
where I wondered how long we would continue .. perhaps it would be best to try another day.  As a side note,
and in hindsight, I wish I had written down this experience earlier.  It would have helped me write it now. But as
Jeremy asked questions and Stacie sat silently waiting for any type of response, I was nervously looking
around the room. For several minutes nothing unusual came into my field of vision until I glanced towards the
master closet and found myself looking at a woman partially obscured by the wall, but clearly watching us.  I
froze up. I'll admit it. The thermal camera catches me just staring towards the closet. I wish I had done
something ... slapped at Stacie, stuttered something about "look at the closet!". But I couldn't move.  It felt like
minutes had passed by but I think it was less than 10 seconds.  Without a doubt, standing there in the closet,
was a woman in a white dress, half of her hiding, it appeared as though she were trying to peek out and spy on

I'm having some trouble remembering how the next events unfolded. I had looked away from the closet for a
second and when I turned back the woman was gone. Jeremy was still asking questions and I started to feel my
legs grow very cold. Seconds after this Jeremy asked "Is there anything we can do to help you show yourself to
us".  My heart was still racing and I think I stopped breathing. I both wanted a response and didn't. I was certain
that something was in that room. Within seconds of Jeremy asking that question Stacie started scribbling on
the paper and told Jeremy to ask again. He did. Stacie immediately started nodding her head and writing on the
paper, tore the headphones off and shoved them to Jeremy. I was a bit panicky. Neither had seen nor felt what I
had less than a few minutes earlier. Stacie and Jeremy seemed to be having this "got it!!" moment and "you
heard it right??!".   Finally I had to know and asked what they both heard (I would listen myself a few moments
later). But clear as day on the audio was a woman's voice saying, "I'm thinkin' you need to leave ...".  Another
word was heard at the end there and, although not as clear as the rest, it sounded very much like "Stacie".
Making the whole sentence .. "I'm thinkin' you need to leave, Stacie." It didn't sound overly friendly, more like
someone who wanted you out of their home and wasn't being shy about telling you.
That seemed to be enough news for Stacie who was grabbing her things and ready to go. I wasn't going to
complain either. I was, however, interested to know if the cameras had picked anything up but when we
checked them we found that the battery in the thermal camera had died.  There was no reason for this. The
battery packs had been fully charged and should have lasted for hours. I can't 100% say that it was paranormal
but it was convenient that it died before any evidence could be captured.

I wish now that we had stayed. It was a mistake to rush out when we were getting such good evidence. We went
back to the hotel after that. Queued up some of the audio and sent it out for a (fourth) opinion. We discussed
the woman I saw in the closet and I described her to Jeremy. I was a little freaked out to learn that I wasn't the
only person to have seen this woman. Others had reported a similar looking apparition. As nice as it was to get
validation I was also rattled. There was a part of me that wanted to brush it off as being overtired. I know, I'm
involved in the paranormal but panic when I finally experience it! It's easy to say you'll be tough and face it
down (hey, I've yelled at things before), but when you experience it like that .. you don't know until you're in the

I thought our night was over. Unfortunately, we'd forgotten something at the house and had to go back.
Thankfully, that was uneventful. We were in and out in less than 5 minutes.  It was back at the hotel that I had
my second experience, this one I classify as an attack.  We were sleeping. I'm not sure for how long, but I
suddenly felt (as much as one can when asleep) like something was both watching me and putting pressure on
me, like it was holding me down. I opened my eyes and there was something staring at me, its' face quickly
rushing in at me, and I recall thrashing myself to an upright position. Maybe I wasn't fully asleep. Maybe it was a
nightmare (since then I've been more prone to such happenings - I never had been before). But it felt real. I felt
as though I'd been attacked and I felt it was because of what I'd seen at the house. I don't know. But I was
definitely shaken and not looking forward to going back in the morning.

After that the rest of the week went by relatively uneventful, save for a few incidences. My other personal major
experience was standing in the doorway of 'Sallie's bedroom' while Stacie took baseline temperature readings
and seeing a shadow dart along the wall behind me and into another bedroom. It was as natural as if someone
had run from the top of the stairs, behind me, and into the second bedroom. Of course, I wasn't able to get it
on tape but no one else was upstairs with us (in a position to cause that). Another experience we had was an
orb in the master closet while we were doing an EVP session. I'm not big on orbs, but this one seemed to have
a unique flight path and linger around the room for a significant period of time. I believe that spirits are energy,
so it's possible what we caught on camera was more than a moth or piece of lint. At the same time .. who
knows. Also interesting enough was during that same EVP session in the master closet I had been attempting
to ask a question regarding a child. I found myself struggling to speak. The words catching in my throat and
stuttering out of me. I'm not prone to stuttering. At least not like that. It was unusual. I wish we had caught
something on film or tape at the same time. But I will say that it felt like something did not want me to speak at
the moment.

The other experience was caught on tape and I keep a copy of this video with me since I find it so incredible.
Three investigators were in the basement of the house getting ready for an EVP session. A metal L-shaped rod
had been placed on a water tank. The two closest investigators to the rod were about five feet away from it.
The third investigator had just picked up the camera to move it from one side of the basement to the other.
Perhaps if he hadn't moved it we would not have caught anything on tape. As it was, as the camera moves (and
it's choppy since we hadn't expected anything to happen) you can clearly see this metal rod whipping around in
circles. The camera catches about two rotations of the rod - which comes to a stop rather abruptly in my
opinion. The investigator who saw it (the other two heard nothing and truthfully I don't think they initially
believed her when she told them) says it made several additional rotations other than what was caught on
camera. I can tell you that Stacie and I went down into that basement and attempted to recreate the swinging of
that rod and were unsuccessful. It was impossible to make it behave in the exact same fashion. Our attempts
are caught on camera which I think helps support that video evidence.

I was on edge the whole time we were in that house. It's said that people are drawn back to that place, that they
can get obsessed with returning ... as cool as it would be to go back, I don't want to. I don't like the house. I
don't like thinking about what happened there. It makes me anxious. Deep down I'm a bit of a chicken. Maybe if
it had been limited to just seeing something in the closet I would have been alright. But the fact that I got
attacked back at the hotel leaves me feeling vulnerable. I try to be careful about attachments. I say quick
prayers when I leave places and even when I return home.  The Sallie House left me shaken. I want to believe,
but seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt .. I don't know. I think what it comes down to is be careful. This
field can be fun and exciting, but it can also be dangerous. People need to be prepared - physically, spiritually,
mentally .. something. Just protect yourself. Vulnerability can be dangerous.
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A Sallie House Experience
By: Jen Edmiston
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