if you believe in the hereafter you know what we're here after
Monroe COUNTY PARANORMAL investigations
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Featured Article Updated 12/13
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Daisy Flour Mill Case File 10/27/13
As Seen On WROC Channel 8 and FOX 31

Hearing or seeing things, that you can't explain?

You're not alone.

Give us a call at, (585) 506-8037 we can help

We are willing to travel outside of Monroe County


Also your name and address will never be given out
or published on the website
Notice: We here at MCPI need to expand our ranks! We are
looking for new members 21 or older (no exceptions
unfortunately) who will be reliable and willing to learn. If this
is you please contact us through the contact page (email or
phone) and set up your interview!!
Newscasts and Articles
As seen on News 8 and Fox News 7.
October, 2012 and October, 2013
Just click the images below for both parts of
the Daisy Flower Mill Investigation Featured
in 2013.
Featured in the RIT Reporter October, 2012
Featured in City Newspaper October, 2012
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